Social Media User Found Guilty of Defamation and Fined For ‘liking’ Posts

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It was said that Orwell’s dystopian  novel Nineteen Eighty Four was not meant to be used as an instructions manual. Also, it is widely believed that Swiss people are basically “the good Germans”, i.e. a small and brave nationalistic people who doesn’t kowtow to the false spirit of globalism, multiculturalism and, widely said, modern day insanity.

However, after reading today’s news, one may change his mind about the Swiss. Judging from a very recent court decision, if you’re a Swiss national you may end up being prosecuted for giving likes on social media. You know what social media, the one we don’s speak of.

The story goes like this: a 45 year old Swiss citizen was found guilty of defamation just because he “liked” a number of posts on social media. The respective (liked) posts were accusing another user Erwin Kessler who is an animal rights activist of being racist and anti-semitic.

The unnamed felon living in Zurich who was sentenced by a Swiss judge to pay a hefty fine, the sum of 4000 Swiss francs which means roughly $4000 and some change, was convicted under the country’s 20 years old anti-racist law just because he could not convince the court that the liked posts on Facebook were true.

By clicking the “like” button, the defendant was claimed to have endorsed that false (as in fake news) content and guess what: he made it his own, further on disseminating the respective false content to his list of social-media contacts, thus making it accessible to a lot of folks.

This is not the first case when people in Europe are convicted of thought crimes, i.e. writing acid comments on social media, but this marks a world premiere when a court sanctioned a simple like on a comment made by others.

This is Orwellian goodthink on full display by yet another Euro-socialist/fascist state. One more example of the judicial jackbooted thuggery of an increasingly fascist state which spits on the fundamental right of free expression.

So now the State has the final say in what’s “true” or not? The national socialist Hitler would have been proud of yet another nanny/pappy state muzzling its citizenry as the thought police and final arbiter in the public square.