Soros Ties to Over 50 Partners of Woman’s March

Here’s the Link Between One of Hillary’s Largest Donors and Women’s March


Asra Normani is an ex Wall Street Journal reporter and she apparently found a significant link between George Soros, the world famous globalist billionaire and one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Women’s March.

As per her article in the Women in the World section of the New York Times, she discovered that over 50 partners in the respective “happening” have close ties with George Soros and that’s quite interesting if you come to think about it.

Asra Normani describes herself as a lifelong liberal feminist, yet she chose to vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election. However, she had her doubts about participating or not in the Women’s March in DC, despite the fact that she touts herself as a feminist and a liberal and here’s the interesting part.

Her doubts began when she discovered that mainstream media outlets like The Guardian or Vox marketed the respective event as a huge, spontaneous action promoting women rights, with an emphasis on spontaneous.

The Women’s March official website boasted that their event was a grassroots effort so to speak, with independent organizers and a non-partisan agenda. The march’s manifesto said magnificently about the rise of women which equals the rise of the nation, making for an idea every liberal feminist would embrace in a jiffy.

What the manifesto did not say was that the respective march wasn’t really a women’s march, but an anti Trump event for women who are anti Trump, basically hijacking the feminist agenda and claiming that it represents all womanity, yet the reality was quite different, as not all women are anti Trump nor all feminists are anti Trump by default, which is quite obvious.

So, Asra started digging for the funding and the talking points of the 403 groups which were official partners of the respective march.

And guess what, despite the claimed nonpartisan agenda of the march’s organizers and their partners, after following the money, Asra Normani found that George Soros funded and/or had close relationships with at least 56 of the 403 groups which participated in the Women’s March.

Among the biggest names I must mention key-partners, the likes of Planned Parenthood, the National Resource Defense Council,, the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Amnesty International, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and and even Human Rights Watch.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation spokesman commented in an official statement that:

“There have been many false reports about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations funding protests in the wake of the U.S. presidential elections. There is no truth to these reports.

We support a wide range of organizations — including those that support women and minorities who have historically been denied equal rights. Many of whom are concerned about what policy changes may lie ahead. We are proud of their work. We of course support the right of all Americans to peaceably assemble and petition their government—a vital, and constitutionally safeguarded, pillar of a functioning democracy.”


Source: NYT