Speaker Ryan Defends Mueller, Says Not His Job to Defend Trump

Li’l Eddie Munster needs to go

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan went on to saying on Monday during a radio interview that it’s not his job nor congressional Republicans’ job to defend the POTUS from special counsel Mueller’s investigation with regard to the alleged Russian collusion and, during the same breath he defended Mueller against the notion that he and his team are biased against President Trump.

Paul Ryan made these comments a day after Donald Trump tweeted that:

“it’s very sad that Republicans…do very little to protect their president.”

Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s top aide, blasted Mueller on Sunday calling him and his team as a band of DEM donors. The thing is, Mueller brought 7 attorneys with obvious Democratic affiliations into his legal team which seeks to bring down President Trump at any cost.

Speaker Ryan was interviewed on Monday by a local Wisconsin radio host and he was asked why the GOP are not even trying to defend the POTUS from Mueller’s investigation. Jay Weber, the radio-show host mentioned about Mueller’s “dream team” of DEM donors who seek to destroy Trump’s presidency. Ryan replied that:

 “Bob Mueller is a Republican who was appointed by a Republican. I don’t think many people are saying that Mueller is a biased partisan…he really is anything but.”

While Donald Trump described Mueller’s so-called investigation into the Russia conspiracy theory as a witch hunt, Paul RINO Ryan has other views, as he sees Mueller and his team as a mean to depoliticize this stuff, end quote. And about defending the POTUS against congressional investigations, Ryan said:

“that wasn’t what we were elected to do,”

“The point is we have an investigation in the House, an investigation in the Senate and a special counsel, which sort of de-politicizes this stuff and gets it out of the political theater, and that is, I think, better to get this off to the side. I think the facts will vindicate themselves, and then let’s just go do our jobs.”

while mentioning hilariously that he/the GOP are focusing on improving the economy and healthcare reform.

Truth be told, they may as well make defending Trump ‘their job’, because Lord knows they’re not doing anything ELSE. They were elected to repeal Obamacare – but they’re not doing that. They were elected to cut taxes, not doing that either. Build the wall? Nope. In fact it seems that losers like Ryan are going out of their way to NOT do what they were elected for. On whose side is Ryan on? Look at his record and he’s more Obama-ite than anything else.

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via Washington Examiner