Special Counsel Mueller Goes Fishing, Expands Probe Into Trump’s Businesses

trump mueller

According to Bloomberg, Special Counsel Mueller is now expanding the Russia probe/investigation into President Trump’s private business transactions together with those of his partners/associates. To make a long story short, tensions between Mueller and President Trump are heating up just a day after the POTUS cautioned Mueller in an interview for the failing New York Times (oh the irony) against expanding his probe in that direction, i.e. business transactions:

“I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia,”

This is the answer provided by Donald Trump when he was asked by the NYT reporter whether Special Counsel Mueller’s broadening the investigation to include POTUS’ companies (and those of his associates) will have crossed the proverbial red line. Mueller’s investigators are now looking into real estate deals involving wealthy Russians and a number of Trump’s companies, including the sale of a mansion in Florida to a Russian oligarch back in 2008.

Even if the special counsel Mueller was appointed to investigate the alleged collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign team, they are now interested in private business deals from the nineties( the SoHo real estate deal for example). According to Bloomberg, Mueller’s team is also looking into the 2013 Miss Universe pageant event, when a Russian businessman paid Donald Trump’s company $20 million to host the event in Moscow.

President Trump’s comments in the Wednesday interview for the NYT fuel speculations he’s about to fire special counsel Mueller, who is also the former director of the FBI. In the same interview, Trump blasted AG Sessions’ recusal from the Russia probe, a move which made Robert Mueller’s investigation possible.

The thing is, signaling that the original investigation has born no fruit, they now change the goal posts. Robert Mueller has one goal and one mandate: to destroy Trump at any cost.Trump’s real problem is that the GOP does not have his back; if they did, this would already be over and Comey, Clinton, etc. would be the ones with open ended investigations pointed at their heads.

The fact that Mueller was even allowed to stack his legal team with 100% Clinton donors/enthusiasts (and an aggrieved ex-NY prosecutor) speaks volumes to the integrity of the panel. Trump is a threat to the entire global establishment, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep their grip on America and on their globalist agenda.

Assistant AG Rosenstein  appointed special counsel Mueller THE  NEXT DAY after Comey got fired, with open ended authority to go wherever, not just “Russia” collusion. Now, that’s real collusion. He appoints attorneys that worked for Clinton Foundation and are max out donors. CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Sessions must fire Mueller and appoint a new Special Counsel with firm area to investigate and firm date to finish and a firm budget. Fifteen lawyers! Are you kidding me?

Mueller basically formed the Obama / Clinton defense team on our dime.