Steve Bannon No Longer Permanent Member of the National Security Council

Despite the sensationalist headlines from the mainstream media, Steve Bannon is still a top security adviser for President Donald Trump and he holds the highest security clearance in the West Wing, regardless he is no longer a permanent member of the NSC (National Security Council).

The word to emphasize here is “permanent“. Mr. Bannon is welcome to attend any future NSC meeting and according to his earlier statement on Wednesday, despite of the left wing mainstream media rejoicing at the news of Steve Bannon’s “losing power”, “removal”, “boot” from the NSC, the reality is that his changing role in Donald Trump’s administration was planned.

As usual, the fake news mainstream media is trying to bury the facts/spin the narrative during their so-called news coverage, omitting to tell you that Steve Bannon removal as a permanent member of the NSC was a logical evolution and not a demoting.

With regard to today’s breaking news and  President Trump’s National Security Adviser, Steve Bannon was quoted as saying:

“Susan Rice operationalized the NSC during the last administration . I was put on to ensure that it was de-operationalized. General [H.R.] McMaster has returned the NSC to its proper function,

Steve Bannon was hugely criticized and smeared by the left for being a white supremacist, a racist anti-semite and having zero experience on national security issues, and that explains the triumphal headlines from the MSM depicting Steve Bannon losing power, being booted, threatening to quit and all that fake news liberal palaver.

After today’s move in the NSC, the intelligence director and the Joint Chiefs chairman are seeing their duties in the principals committee restored.

It’s also important to notice that Steve Bannon attended just one meeting of the NSC since he was placed on the committee and his main role was to monitor/check on Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s first National Security Adviser. And with McMasters now in charge, Steve Bannon was no longer needed as a permanent member in the NSC and now he’s most probably working at other (bigger) fish to fry.


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