Steve Bannon Out at Breitbart?

bannon out at breitbart

Steve Bannon’s feud with President Trump is not looking good for the former, especially when it comes to his position at Breitbart News, the well known conservative website which is currently led by Bannon. President Trump’s former chief strategist and adviser already saw the billionaire-benefactor Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah distancing themselves from him, but after Trump’s burst about Bannon losing his mind and that  he has“nothing to do with me or my presidency,” (read this for further reference President Trump Downloads on ‘Pretender’ Steve Bannon: ‘He Lost his Mind’) strong words which came  as a response to Breitbart’s leader’s incendiary assertions (including insulting the president’s family) in a book about Trump’s first year as POTUS (Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”), Breitbart LLC’s board members met on Thursday and debated whether to fire Bannon as chairman.

According to an unnamed source, i.e. a person familiar with the matter, many board members were supportive of ousting Bannon from Breitbart News. When asked about the prospect of firing Bannon from Breitbart, White House press secretary has said:

 “I certainly think that it’s something they should look at and consider.”

President Trump has said on Thursday about Bannon’s relatively forced attrition:

“He called me a great man last night, so he obviously changed his tune pretty quick,”

Rebekah Mercer released an official statement which reads:

“I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected. My family and I have not communicated with Steve Bannon in many months and have provided no financial support to his political agenda, nor do we support his recent actions and statements.”

After Steve Bannon’s return, Breitbart have been very hard on President Trump and holding him accountable on the MAGA issues; frankly, that technique seems to have worked. But attacking Trump’s family has not been the best decision Bannon ever made, to say the least.