Street Artist’s Facebook Shut Down Following Zuckerberg Stunt

fuck the zuck

Sabo is a well known street-artist (at least in selected circles) and following his latest stunt, i.e. the “Fuck Zuck 2020” campaign with posters being hung in various cities in California, he discovered that his Facebook account was shut down for promoting “hate speech”.

The “Fuck Zuck 2020” posters were Sabo’s response to a perceived potential presidential candidacy from Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Sabo is described as a conservative street artist and he’s famous for skewering the leftist politics of both corporations and celebrities. However, it looks like Facebook doesn’t have a sense of humor when the “dear leader” is mocked, hence they’ve decided to shut down his page earlier on Sunday.

The termination notice from Facebook came in the aftermath of Sabo’s attacks on Mark Zuckerberg’s alleged presidential aspirations via hanging a myriad of very funny posters (pictured above) in the dead on night in a number of cities in California last week. The message received from Facebook at the fan page run by Sabo reads:

“Your page has been unpublished for using hate speech,”


Sabo’s official website is called and here’s where you can buy his artwork. The conservative street artist struck “gold” last time on Friday, when he plastered a number of fake posters and ads around YouTube and Google’s offices in Venice, California. Some of the ads were almost thirty square feet and they were ridiculing Google’s censorship together with the company’s aggressive policy against free thinkers. Sabo was hinting at the recent firing of a Google engineer who dared to write a memo critical at the company’s diversity policies with a focus on its hiring practices.

Even if Facebook shut down Sabo’s official fan-page page without letting him know what exactly constitutes “hate speech”, Sabo is well known for demeaning basically all of the progressive’s sacred cows, including affirmative action, climate change, transgenderism and so forth and so on, i.e. his termination was not a big surprise for anyone familiar with Facebook’s “practices”.

However, Sabo believes that Facebook “zucced” him on Sunday for his recent attacks on the dear leader Zuckerberg, as he was quoted by the Hollywood Reporter as saying:

“It took a week, but it finally came down. Zuckerberg isn’t only a thief, he’s thin-skinned.”

It looks like it’s time to start treating Facebook like a public utility.

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