Study: 89% of Media Negative Towards Trump

To no one’s surprise, a new study just revealed what we already knew, i.e. that almost ninety percent of the mainstream media is covering Trump’s young Presidency in a negative way. What happened to the 100 days long honeymoon which was the norm until Donald Trump’s election?

Well, unfortunately, this is a honeymoon from Hell, as Trump’s greatest enemy seems to be the liberal/corporate media, not the Democratic party. As Donald Trump is closing in on his first 100 day as POTUS, he is by far the most hated (by the media) president in US history.

The corporate MSM reached new highs in terms of hostility to Donald Trump, compared to any other incoming American president. The coverage from the vast majority of mainstream media outlests with a few notable exceptions, 89% to be precise, was negative.

All major networks basically ignored the main issues in Donald Trump’s agenda as POTUS, such as the fight against islamic terrorism/ISIS, jobs, the stock market, US economy and so on and so forth and instead chose to obsess over anti Donald Trump controversies.

Basically, the 4th estate transformed into a veritable opposition party instead of doing its job. Just to give you an example, the President’s efforts to bring back American jobs and to invigorate the US economy received a pathetic eighteen minutes of coverage, or less than 1% of all airtime dedicated to Trump’s young administration, while his attempts to renegotiate international trade deals were given less than ten minutes of news-airtime (on TV).

In contrast, former president Obama’s news coverage 8 years ago benefited from an overwhelmingly positive tone (positive spin on the stories) with the TV networks spending hundreds of hours discussing the incoming liberal administration’s economic agenda.

The first 80 days of Trump’s presidency were covered in an equally intense yet overwhelmingly hostile manner by the main TV networks in the US, i.e. CBS, ABC and NBC according to a recent MRC study.

For example, after President Trump twitted that his Tower was wiretapped by Barack Obama on March 4th, he drew 97 minutes of coverage of which 99,5% was negative.

Yawn, someone had to do a study to learn this…