Study Claims Calling Youths Snowflakes Damages Their Mental Health

term snowflake damaging to mental health

According to a brand new survey courtesy of insurance firm Aviva, 74% of millennials, i.e. people with ages between 16 to 24 seem to believe that being called a snowflake is more than a micro-aggression, as the respective word may be damaging to their mental health. The term snowflake means overly sensitive and it’s often used to mock college students seeking safe spaces after being offended by mundane/controversial ideas or whatever.

One of the “scientists” behind the study claims:

“Our findings suggest that young adults are more likely to be experiencing mental health problems, so using a phrase which criticizes this age group could add to this issue,”

Hey, Doc – why is that? What is it that today’s youth are doing that causes the increased likelihood of mental health issues? Why are today’s youth so screwed up? Why exactly are they mental basket cases and more easily offended that prior generations?

I’ll offer my help – teachers, coaches and parents have been coddling them since they scraped their first knee. Everyone’s included, everyone gets a prize, it’s okay, you tried – instead of the objective truth that (for example) the kid is fat, throws like a girl and doesn’t invest any effort to even try to excel. So, when ‘soft’ society pampers the ‘soft’, they actually start to believe they’re special or entitled and then they whine when they can’t handle or tolerate stronger, natural criticisms. Unbelievably, in life, sometimes you lose.

The youth in America has to be the generation that common sense has totally escaped from. They lack any common sense at all. Most do not know what a spark-plug is or where it goes. Ask them what a combustion engine is and they tell you its a explosive device.

I would suggest that people like those described in this study seek help. They are clearly unhinged individuals walking among us. Typically hiding in secret places like Michaels, Starbucks, or Bed Bath and Beyond -places no real Americans shop, so we do not see them until the deep state organizes them and sets the cameras on them day after day. Now we see them everywhere, but still only on TV or at websites like this one. The truth is the SJW movement is not the threat, the threat is the organizers. Therefore, focus not on the hands, but swing at the head if you so choose.