Study Finds Journalists Dumber Than Average and Drink Too Much

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I am aware of the fact that the article’s title is not shocking at all for my red-pilled readers, at least for those of you who are watching the crazy headlines in the mainstream media on a daily basis. But now we have an official study to confirm what we’ve been suspecting for a long time now: that journalists are drunken bastards and dumber than their average reader, hence the dismal quality of the content pedaled by the mainstream media. And that about sums it all up with regard to the state of the union for today folks. As one of Murphy’s laws put it beautifully a long time ago: never assume malice when stupidity is a pretty good explanation.

A very recent peer-reviewed state-approved scientific study just stated the obvious, thus making it official: the IQ of your average columnist in the MSM is lower than the average of the American population. The study was conducted by Tara Swift (who is not a social justice warrior but a neuro-scientist) for the London Press Club and it concluded abruptly that:

“the highest functions of journalists brains were operating at a lower level than the average population, due to dehydration, self-medicating, and fueling their brains with caffeine and high-sugar foods”

“However, the pressures of the job are not affecting journalists ability to endure and bounce back from adversity in the long term, due to a belief that their work has meaning,”

said the press release.

Of course, the latter part of the statement could be true provided the respective journalist really believes that his/her work has any meaning whatsoever, which is hardly the case with the keyboard/teleprompter reading mercenaries we all know and love, but let that go.

31 journalists from all across the “industry” were recruited by Dr. Swart to participate in the study. The subjects were required to provide blood tests, to record their drinking/eating habits and to answer brain profile questionnaires (IQ tests basically in the new politically correct language). The press release also notes that:

“Journalism is one of many industries under an increasing amount of pressure in the digital age. Low pay, frequent deadlines, and high levels of accountability all contribute to high reported stress levels.”

I laughed hard at the low pay/high accountability thingyI mean, this must be a joke right? My  anonymous sources told me,does it ring a bell?

Reading that last quote from the study, one may believe that those rabid anti Trumpers from WaPo, CNN, NYT  etc are working on the minimum wage out of sheer  patriotism, seeking to inform the public for the greater good of the greater number. Which is not the case, obviously.

Seriously speaking, how much so-called brain function a  MSM “journalist” really requires to report the pre-approved propaganda narrative of the day, the “menu du jour” so to speak? Here are today’s talking points, puts some of your own words around it and let me have your “report” on my desk by 5 PM. And the alcohol is used for numbing one’s ethics and senses, it’s quite obvious to me.

Here’s Diane Sawyer popping pills and drinking wine before a live broadcast of ABC World News.