STUDY: Trump News Coverage 91% N E G A T I V E

donald trump vs fake news

To no one’s surprise, the coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency and his agenda remained incredibly hostile in the mainstream media this summer, with an astounding 91 percent of the news having a negative spin towards the Donald, which is even worse than the previous 89 percent negative spin that was calculated for the first three months of his administration.

According to Media Research Analysts, since Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, the coverage of the new administration, including the President and his top officials  on CBS Evening News, ABC’s World News Tonight and  NBC Nightly News (weekends included) has totaled 4,418 minutes of airtime as of August 31st. That makes for approximately 39 percent of all evening news coverage, and in this regard it appears that the mainstream media’s obsessive wall to wall coverage of Trump’s presidency eased up a  bit in the past few months.

To give you some perspective on these figures, the same networks spent 3,544 minutes covering Barack Obama’s administration for two full years, 2015 and 2016, which makes for 10 percent of their available broadcast time. Basically, Donald Trump has already received more “attention” from the mainstream media during his first 6-7 months in office than Barack Obama in his latest 2 years in the White House, but let that go.

Obviously, the goal of the mainstream media obsessing on Trump and his agenda was not aimed at promoting him nor his message, but to punish him. And that’s very clear after analyzing the 91% negative spin of the networks’  heavy coverage of President Trump.

Moreover, the aggressive anti-Trump spin of the mainstream media has been constant throughout the year, just like it was the case during his 2016 election campaign. The only moment when evening newscasts approved of President Trump’s actions was in April, following Trump’s use of  Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syrian forces following an alleged gas attack on civilians. Then, a number of analysts and a few reporters praised the President for punishing the Syrian regime. However, even in April the network coverage of the POTUS was heavily skewed against him, with 82% negative spin vs 18% positive spin.

This comes as no surprise. Remember all the Fake News financial propping up of Jill Stein to challenge election results in PA, MI and WI before inauguration? It was all a desperate camouflage in the courts to try to swing Electoral votes to Hillary. There are no boundaries to the Leftist / Socialists / Soros influenced / Lying mainstream media – our American Pravda.

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Photo © REUTERS/ Carlo Allegri