Stunned Tourists Witness Illegal Migrants Beach-Landing in Spain (VIDEO)

migrants invade spain

This is how a real-life zombie invasion looks like, as many tourists enjoying their holiday on a beach in Span discovered earlier this week. The shocking video depicts flabbergasted tourists witnessing the Spain reconquista, something which looks like a scene from a horror movie.

A boat full of illegal migrants basically invades a beach full of tourists in Cadiz, Spain. Then, the illegal aliens run away to evade police. The large group of illegals arrive on the beach via an inflatable black rubber dinghy just before they make a run for it, trying to escape Spanish authorities. A woman screams in Spanish: “Run, Run, What is it? Men?”

The boat’s cargo is composed of dozens of African illegal migrants which are landing on a Spanish beach front after crossing (undisturbed by the Coast Guard by the way) the Strait of Gibraltar. Authorities arrived too late  as the group managed to escape and leave the “scene of the crime” unimpeded.

This strange incident happened earlier on Wednesday afternoon and the video-footage depicts the rubber dinghy showing up right behind a man and a child while they’re taking a dip in the sea. The International Organization for Migration warned recently that Spain will be confronted with a huge number of illegal migrants this year, and it could even overtake Greece in terms of sheer numbers due to lots of migrants arriving on its shores using various boats and even jet skis.

So far, more than 8200 illegal migrants reached Spain in 2017 alone, which is triple the number from 2016. As opposed to the “Libya strategy”, where people smugglers use a deliberate strategy of overcrowding the boats so they begin to take water almost instantly, thus forcing Western authorities to rescue them, the Spanish-strategy is to use small vessels hoping they can enter the country undetected. And obviously, they are successful.


These are the new Europeans:

spain illegal migrants