‘SURRENDER’: Liberal Activists say Democrats Just Lost Big To Trump

Liberal Activists say Democrats Just Lost Big To Trump

For once in their lives, the liberal activists on social and mainstream media are telling God’s honest truth: after Congress passed on Monday a short term spending bill, the Government is now slated to reopen, following three days of tensions and shutdown, yet Democrats who blocked the first government funding bill over the DACA issue, or the lack thereof (the funding legislation proposed initially by the GOP did not include a legislative fix for DACA), we can safely say that the DEMs lost big to Trump today. And that’s exactly what so-called liberal (they are socialists by any definition)/progressive activists are saying after the DEM Senators basically caved, i.e. they surrendered, got nothing and the Government reopened.

After their three days of glory, Democrats ended up voting for the funding bill, yet they got zilch in return, except from a vague promise for the US Senate to discuss the DACA bill sometime in the near future. Twitter got the best of reactions:

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Mainstream media was also baffled by the DEMs strategy, asking what were the past 72 hours for, then being amazed by DEMs caving on both government shutdown and amnesty.



This whole trap was telegraphed for months and the Democrats still rushed eagerly to fall into it. The only question now is, will they fall into it again in three weeks?The best moment of the whole charade was “Re-open the government and then we’ll talk”. The shutdown didn’t get DEMs a single thing. They are now fixed on the losing side of the DACA issue. They don’t dare try this again in 3 weeks and there is nothing they can do to stop it from expiring.

Any illegals out there, I’d start packing my bags and looking for an apartment in Mexico if I were you.