Susan “Boiled” Rice Was Not Alone in Spying on Trump

The Wall Street Journal reports (to no one’s surprise) that former Barack Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice was not the only person responsible for “unmasking” (oh I hate leftist’s euphemisms) members of Trump’s team.

According to  the WSJ article, it was not only Mike Flynn who was unmasked in the leaked intelligence reports, i.e. it was at least another member of Trump’st team who was exposed due to multiple “wiretapped” convos, which (hold on to your beer) were not related to Russia.

Secondly, Susan Rice was not the person behind the request to unmask Mike Flynn’s name, which basically confirms that there were others in the Barack Obama administration involved in this huge snafu, i.e. high ranking officials asking for the unmasking of US citizen names in intelligence reports, which were later leaked to the mainstream media for political purposes.

Even if Susan Rice denied (using a double negative!) to have been leaking “nothing to nobody” ( this is basically a more civilized variant of “I dindu nuffin!”) during an MSNBC interview, this is the same person who 2 weeks ago has gone live on PBS and  denied The Donald’s wiretapping allegations.

Now she says she was only doing her job. Just as a quick reminder, two weeks ago Rice said there was no unmasking, now she says sure, I did it, I “unmasked”, but it was not for political purposes, God forbid.

She obviously lied now (both times), just like she did in the past about Benghazi or Bowe Bergdahl. Susan Rice was a White House staffer, not an investigator. If there had been a genuine need to reveal US citizen’s identities (the unmasking thingy), the respective procedure would have been performed by the investigating agencies, i.e. the NSA, CIA and the FBI.

If Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser was unmasking US citizens, it was for the sole purpose to fulfill a political desire (read DEM party interests), not an intelligence requirement based on American people’s interests.

To end on a funnier note with famous last words:

“I am not a crook.” – Richard Nixon
“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Bill Clinton
“I know nothing about this.” – Susan Rice