Swedish Government Report Says Putting the Word “Refugees” in Quotation Marks is Hate

sweden refugee children

Just like almost all news coming lately from Sweden, this one sounds surreal and Orwellian, but unfortunately, this is where cultural Marxism leads a formally sane,safe and prosperous country. As per a report via Swedish National Defense Research Institute dubbed very dubiously The White Hatred, putting the word “refugee” in quotation marks is now a form of “hate”. But wait, there’s more. The same report claims that questioning the age of so-called child-migrants is a form of extremism. For further reference to the sheer insanity of this report, check out this article: Meanwhile in Sweden: Dentist Gets Fired after Revealing That 80% of Migrant “Children” are Actually Adults.

But it gets even better. The aforementioned so-called report describes Sweden’s new media (as in alternative/non-government-controlled media) as being a potential threat to “democracy”, because, after all, everything that doesn’t blindly follow and regurgitate the left’s pathological political correctness is a threat to the establishment.  The Swedish alternative media is now conflated by the “progressive” apparatchiks with actual neo-Nazi groups.

Internet trolling, jokes and “hateful expressions” are now associated with violent extremism, also known as hate in SJW newspeak. Basically, free speech is now dead in oh so tolerant and multicultural Sweden. Even the innuendo that welfare shoppers arriving in Sweden from countries where’s no war to talk about(thus posing as refugees) are not real refugees, is hate speech. Hence, putting ironic quotation marks around the word “refugee” (pun intended) makes for a hateful action. The same goes for putting quotation marks around “unaccompanied children”, because that would imply they’re not really children.

Even if  a study by Sweden’s own National Board of Medicines discovered that 75% of the so called child refugees are actually adults, facts are racist and hateful in the new Utopia that is Sweden.

Basically, telling the truth about the refugee crisis is now considered an act of hate. Columnist Judith Bergman  writes:

“The report further alleges that society risks becoming tolerant of the intolerant. That is rather rich coming from the authorities of a European country that has accepted Islamic intolerance to an astounding degree. There is even a proposal from a government minister to reintegrate returning ISIS fighters, who might still wish to destroy the tolerant society that houses them,”

And speaking of a previous inquiry by the Swedish government with regard to Islamic extremism, which concluded that “It is not in itself illegal to sympathize with violent ideologies.” (read Islam), Bergman asks:

“Government agencies in charge of national security, in other words, are going out of their way to protect the “integrity” of possible jihadists out of concerns for a “democratic society” — the society that these jihadists want to subvert and destroy. Meanwhile, these agencies are using their government platform to smear non-mainstream media for matters as small as the use of quotation marks. What about the “integrity” of Swedish citizens and their right to not be blown up?”