Swedish Government Thinks Country Must Integrate Returning ISIS Terrorists

Things cannot get any weirder with multicultural Sweden as today we just got word from Alice Bah Kuhnke, the country’s Minister for Culture and Democracy (yes, that minister really exists in Sweden) who believes that Swedish nationals who left the country to fight for ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever in the Middle East’s war zones must be welcomed back home and helped so they can “integrate” into the Swedish society.

I don’t know what drugs these people are on, but believing and stating publicly that the so called Swedes, who in reality are Muslim immigrants who left Sweden for joining the Jihad for the Islamic State, i.e. killing and raping innocent people in Syria et al can now be allowed to get back to Sweden and even helped (with taxpayers money obviously) to reintegrate into the society is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard in my life.

Alice Bah Kuhnke made these outlandish remarks earlier on Sunday on a Swedish television show called Agenda run by a state owned broadcaster (SVT). The discussion emphasized the fact that approximately 300 Islamic  radicals departed Sweden for joining ISIS in the Middle East and about half of them (presumably those left alive) had already returned to Sweden.

To put it simply, after transforming into a multicultural state by choice and consent, Sweden became an official exporter of Islamic terrorism by any definition, together with Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, UK etc, i.e. any country with a significant Muslim population.

To make things even worse, the same countries (Sweden included) are paying welfare to their nationals who are fighting for ISIS in the Middle East in what’s called welfare jihad, i.e. western states supporting international terrorism with taxpayers money.

Getting back to clueless Alice Bah Kuhnke, she said about radical Islamists returning to Sweden from Syria that:

They need to be channeled back into our democratic society,

The Swedes are totally clueless about what’s going on. Some local authorities even consider a range of super-welfare measures for returning jihadis, the likes of debt forgiveness, free housing and driving lessons, all in the name of integrating ISIS terrorists in the Swedish society.

Source Photo Michael Campanella/Getty Images