Swedish Police to Install Microphones in No-Go Zone Areas to Pick Up Women’s Screams

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Since Sweden opened wide its borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of so-called war-refugees from Africa and the Middle East to enter, the vast majority of them being young Muslim men of military age, the country is confronted with a rape epidemic, a crime wave and something along the lines of a cultural suicide.

Today’s news however is about a Swedish police experiment which consists of installing microphones in Sweden’s no go zones. The respective microphones are aimed at detecting/preventing crime, or at least that’s the theory. The idea is that microphones will pick up the sound of gunfire, broken windows, explosions, women screaming, you know, what happens in one of Sweden multicultural cities on a daily basis, the police will be alerted and then, your guess is as good as mine. It’s a known fact that Swedish police/emergency services do not dare to enter no-go zones.

As per  Stockholm County Administrative Board’s Joakim Söderström speaking to Svenska Dagbladet daily:

“I know that police in New York have long been using microphones with success. From what I know, however, this is the first time a police authority has received permission to do this sort of thing in Sweden,”

As Sweden’s rape crisis becomes endemic following the massive influx of Muslim refugees, Järva, a Stockholm suburb will see both microphones and surveillance cameras installed in “sensitive areas”. It’s worth mentioning that Järva is that famous place where various right-wingers including the ex Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos tried to organize a gay parade last year, a parade that was meant to emphasize the intolerance of Muslims towards gays and minorities generally speaking.

The parade was canceled after Milo Yiannopoulos received death threats from peaceful Muslims:

“After a briefing by our security team and a review of the situation in Sweden, Breitbart News has cancelled Milo’s appearance at the Pride Järva parade on Wednesday, July 27. Despite Milo’s request to honor his commitment we are not confident that we could ensure his safety. His brand of unique cultural warfare is too valuable to risk it in potentially life-threatening situations. Milo receives dozens of death threats from Muslims, many of them in Arabic,every day across his various social media accounts. The frequency of these threats has been increasing recently.”

Now Järva will become a Big Brother prototype, following other famous no-go zones in Sweden that already received surveillance cameras this year, and we’re talking about  Rinkeby, Tensta and Husby.

Photo via Twitter