Syrian Army Jet Shot Down by US Military over Eastern Syria

The US Accused Syrian Plane of Attacking Kurdish Forces

isis convoy

A US Super Hornet fighter jet engaged and downed a Syrian military aircraft within Syrian airspace (an act of war) according to a very recent update from CENTCOM. United States Central Command (that’s what the CENTCOM acronym stands for) issued an official statement just a few minutes ago, saying that the Syrian military plane was shot down in “in collective self-defense of Coalition-partnered forces,” as per Reuters.

US officials were accusing the Syrian military aircraft of having bombed Kurdish fighters near the town Ja’Din. The argument for self defense stands on the premise that the US is allied with the Kurds.



The Russian made SU-22 Syrian jet fighter was downed by the United States led anti terrorist coalition, though it’s not very clear how the so-called anti terrorist coalition is fighting terrorism by destroying Syrian government military aircraft, considering that Assad’s regime is fighting ISIS and its minions/proxies for almost 5 years now. According to the Reuters report, the Syrian military jet was destroyed in southern Raqqa, an ISIS-controlled stronghold, while the Syrian pilot was attacking an ISIS convoy that was trying to flee the region. The downed pilot’s fate is still uncertain, as he remains missing in action.



Judging from the statement issued by the Syrian army officials, the US downing a Syrian jet while the latter was involved in a combat mission against ISIS confirms beyond any reasonable doubt that the United States is supporting terrorism.



This very dubious incident comes just days after the US forces were accused by Russia and Iran of allowing an ISIS military convoy  to escape from Raqqa. Here’s the video.