Teacher Canned for Using Pupil’s Birth Gender Fights Back with Lawsuit

teacher fired for calling pupil by birth gender

This sounds as surreal as it gets, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Today’s news is about a school teacher who lost his job for the crime of “misgendering”. Yest, that’s a real word used by the politically correct social justice warriors nowadays. The crime, you asked? Well, this is a math teacher, 27 year old Joshua Sutcliffe, who made the fatal mistake of saying “well done girls” to a group of his pupils, after presumably they did good on a test or something. The problem is that among the group of girls was a special girl who identifies as a boy.

Now, for this heinous crime,  Joshua Sutcliffe who teaches math at an Oxfordshire secondary school in oh so tolerant and multicultural England, found himself suspended. The school went a step further and humiliated him even more, by calling for a disciplinary hearing. Even if the poor math teacher apologized to the offended student after realizing his monstrous crime-think, it didn’t matter to the school board, as they charged him with misconduct for the made-up crime of misgendering, i.e. he called a girl, well, a girl. The problem with this modern insanity of gender fluidity is that you never knowif a person you’re talking to “man to man”is identifying himself as an attack helicopter, a school girl, a ferret or who knows what and gets offended, and then, you know, there goes your career, right? Wrong.

After the math teacher got canned with impunity for an Orwellian crime which took place in the Kafkaesque universe that is England nowadays, Joshua Sutcliffe fought back; first, via a letter sent to the school in question, calling their “progressive” policies to be totalitarian in nature (which they are). Here’s a quote from the letter:

“I regret that our relations have reached this point, but I feel I have no choice but to bring legal proceedings against you without further notice. While the suggestion that gender is fluid conflicts sharply with my Christian beliefs… I have never looked to impose my convictions on others,”

Incidentally, the math teacher moonshines as a Christian pastor at the Christ Revelation church in Oxford in his spare time, and that definitely did not help him with the school board verdict. As you know, these progressives who run our schools and our lives generally speaking, are very tolerant with Islam and other cultures, but mean as dogs when it comes to Christianity (they’re communists basically). As per a BBC news report (this story is big in the UK), the school suspended Joshua Sutcliffe  initially for 6 weeks for the incident that took place on November 2nd. In the end, they fired Joshua and he filled a lawsuit against the school.

Now, if the “left” can control how you are to make reference to another person, the “left’ then controls you! This is mind control by any definition. The problem is the parents, who are the main culprits behind the creation of these mental health issues. 3 and 5 year olds have no concept of gender and sexuality, other than what they are told they should believe. This is a form of child abuse that will have long lasting consequences. And then again, there’s the left, who seems to believe these mental issues are perfectly normal. The thing is that Joshua was also working as a Christian Pastor, and that is the real reason they wanted him out of there, i.e.  the misgendering “crime” was only the excuse. Part of freedom of speech is the ability to be a jerk – or at the very least –  to ignore demands of adult children wanting you to play make believe with them. It’s not legally punishable either, or it shouldn’t be (in the UK).

These people push, and push, and push. There is a limit, and once that limit is reached it’s like a dam breaking. There’s no holding it back. So keep pushing leftists. These loons also welcome in Islamic terrorists with open arms despite their hatred of homosexuality and all things Western. You have to assume because they share a common enemy.