Teachers in the UK Afraid to Teach about 9/11 Out of Fear of Being Labeled ‘islamophobic’

terrorist attacks 9/11

Speaking of political correctness gone berserk, we just got word about teachers in the United Kingdom who say they are afraid to teach their pupils about the 9/11 events out of fear of being labeled ‘islamophobic’. As some may argue, this is what a progressive society look like, i.e. a place where teachers are afraid to tell the historic truth, including details about the real magnitude of global jihad, which led to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Instead of being truth-tellers educating the new generation of children about the world they’re living in, teachers in the United Kingdom seem to be afraid of Muslim parents and students, or, who knows, they might fear losing their jobs or even their lives (remember Charlie Hebdo?). As per a  Telegraph report, a number of teachers in the United Kingdom refuse to discuss the 9/11 events with their students, fearing backlash from the Muslim community.

According to a UK top-expert in counter-extremism education (whatever that means in newspeak), a number of teachers display a misplaced concern with regard to potentially causing offence to the Muslim students/parents if they raise the issue of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks in the classrooms. This trend is very visible in schools with high numbers of Muslim students, where teachers see 9/11 as a highly controversial and offensive topic for the Muslim community (I wonder why) and they refuse to talk about it. However, as Kamal Hanif OBE claims (this guy was appointed by the UK government as an adviser for combating counter extremism in schools), the teachers’ fear is completely misguided, as it’s based on a stereotypical view of the Muslim community, i.e. the fear of Muslims getting offended (that never happens) about 9/11 is more of an assumption than a fact so to speak.

Regardless, the chief executive of a multi academy trust, Sir Steve Lancashire respectively, contends that a lot of teachers in the UK feel very uncomfortable talking about Islamic terrorism, especially now when we’re at the 16th anniversary of 9/11.