‘Team Mueller’ New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Boasts Of ‘Legal Resistance’ To Trump

new york AG anti trumper

In case you did not know, New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is part of Robert Mueller’s investigating team, i.e. this guy is assisting Mueller into looking at the President’s alleged collusion with Russia, or interference or whatever you want to call it. But here comes the interesting part: the same  Eric Schneiderman boasted of his “legal resistance” to President Trump’s administration via a Medium post on Tuesday.

In other words,  Eric Schneiderman, who is an important cog in the Mueller investigation, publicly branded himself as a never Trumper or an anti Trumper, i.e. a litigator against Trump’s administration during his first year into office. If you read Eric’s Medium post, you can see how this guy describes himself as an archenemy of the POTUS:

A Year Of Legal Resistance

Since November 2016, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (“OAG”) Has Filed Over 100 Official Acts and Legal Challenges To Protect New Yorkers From Washington’s Harmful Agenda.

Taking a glance at a New York Times profile of the same guy, you can see how Attorney General Eric Schneiderman brags with his 100 administrative/legal challenges to Trump’s administration policies in 2017 alone, including lawsuits contesting the POTUS travel ban and rescission of DACA. Here’s New York’s AG again:

“We try and protect New Yorkers from those who would do them harm. The biggest threat to New Yorkers right now is the federal government, so we’re responding to it.”

 Eric Schneiderman’s political profile is basically built around his anti Trump agenda.


Eric Schneiderman became part of Mueller’s investigation team back in August. This is how dumb leftists are: New York’s Attorney General goes on the record as anti Trump, then Mueller uses the AG as part of the investigation on the POTUS.

This entire “investigation” is so dirty that it is unbelievable that actual supposedly professional persons in the justice field are conducting it. Let them bring their charges, they will be laughed out of court. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with the courts (except for Manafort maybe); this is merely an impeachment vehicle, nothing more, which is why it will go on through the summer in hopes of affecting the midterm elections to return the House to the Democrats.

And we wonder why good people don’t run for office anymore. Keeping your nose clean and doing good aren’t a shield against people who will endlessly investigate you, constantly dragging your good name through the mud in full view of your family and the rest of the world. Trump’s no angel, but it wouldn’t matter if he was.

PS: tell me again how the Mueller investigation is unbiased.