Teen Mob Attacks Oakland BART Train, Passengers Beaten and Robbed

Things are getting very creepy in Oakland, as we’ve just found out that last weekend, a robbery on a BART train took a scary turn, as dozens of young men swarmed an Oakland train station and took over a train-car, robbing passengers of their cell phones and bags and leaving at least two of them wounded with head injuries.

This is the first such incident in recent memory and it reminds us of Venezuela or other third world countries on the verge of societal collapse. However, this is the sad reality in the Democratic stronghold which is Oakland/San Fran in 2017. The horrific incident occurred on Saturday at approximately 9.30 PM local time.

According to witnesses, a mob of forty to sixty young men swarmed the Coliseum BART train station, jumped the fare gates and entered the 2nd story train platform.

Then the mob split into two teams, with team A holding open the doors of a bound train car whilst team B got inside, attacking and robbing passengers of their worldly possessions and in a couple of cases beating them up.

A police report released after the attack said that the gang of teens committed multiple strong arm robberies of cell phones and bags with at least 2 of the victims (weekend riders) suffering facial and head injuries that required medical attention.

A BART official said on Monday that 7 robberies had occurred in total, with the victims losing a duffel bag, a purse and 5 smartphones, with one of the victims being robbed on the platform while the other  6 were robbed inside the train car.

The attack was lightning fast, with the teenagers disappearing in the surrounding East Oakland before the police and BART officers could respond.

This story sounds like a return to the Jessie James gang days, when raiders jump on trains and commit robberies and then escape into the countryside unimpeded. Oakland trains are probably a gun free zone so passengers were robbed without any hope of rescue.

Also, judging from the ferreting with the words, i.e. “dozens of juveniles”…”50 to 60 juveniles”…”The teens” it looks like what we’re dealing with here is political correctness, code words for non-whites.

But it’s ok everyone, people being robbed and beaten is perfectly fine as long as Oakland remains a sanctuary city .