Tensions Deepen with Iran: Must ‘never ever’ Be Allowed to Build Nukes

donald trump wailing wall

President Trump is visiting Israel on Monday, hoping to pave the way for a long-awaited Israel Palestinian peace. However, tensions are beginning to accumulate between the United States, Iran and Israel following Trump’s Middle East tour, with the gap between Washington and Tehran growing wider by the minute.

The fact that the POTUS chose  Saudi Arabia during his first official overseas visit speaks volumes to foreign policy experts. Iran is the main enemy of both Saudi Arabia and Israel and there’s a huge amount of animosity between these three countries, as each of them is trying to impose itself and expand its power-projection in the region.

While President Trump closed a huge list of deals during his Saudi Arabia foreign trip (380 billion dollars total), with regard to peace in the Middle East, the signs are not so good to say the least. The deals signed by the POTUS with the kingdom include 110 billion dollars for weapons sales. Judging from previous experiences, these weapons will unavoidably find their way into the endemic conflicts in the region, i.e.  in the hands of terrorists (aka rebels in the MSM) fighting in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, where Iran and Saudi Arabia (and Israel by the way) are often found supporting opposing sides.

President Trump bashed (some may say demonized) Iran during his speeches in both Saudi Arabia and Israel, calling the Tehran regime as the world-sponsor of international terrorism and a major source of instability in the Middle East. Iran’s foreign minister trolled President Trump via Twitter:

“Iran — fresh from real elections — attacked by @POTUS in that bastion of democracy and moderation,” [he refers to Saudi Arabia nota bene]

But The Donald went on further into saying that Iran’s non existent nuclear weapons program must be stopped (!?) at all costs, together with its support for “terrorist groups”, militias etc, but let me quote the POTUS:

“Most importantly the United States and Israel can declare with one voice that Iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon – never ever.

“And must cease its deadly funding, training and equipping of terrorists and militias.

“And it must cease immediately.”

A little dose of red-pill for my readers: The only ‘terrorist‘ group Iran supports is the Hezbollah militia which, as every Christian president of Lebanon agrees, protects Lebanon not only from Israel but also from ISIS.  Hezbollah (properly) kicked the Israeli occupiers out of S. Lebanon which is why the Israelis can’t stand them.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of radical Islam (henceforth Islamic terrorism). It’s called Wahhabism. Wahhabism is the foundation for Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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