Texas Shooter Tried to Kill Superiors, Escaped Mental Institution in 2012

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The gunmen who murdered 27 people during Texas’ worst mass shooting should have been in jail. The thing is, Devin P. Kelley tried to kill his superiors by smuggling weapons onto base while he served in the Air Force. But wait, there’s more to it: he did that after he escaped from a psych-ward back in 2012, in New Mexico. So, this guy was a nut who tried to murder his superiors, tortured a dog (he was convicted for cruelty to animals), physically abused his wife and even cracked the skull of his infant stepson. People get longer sentences for using marijuana or for the attempted sales of this substance, yet someone who tries to kill a baby gets 12 months.

So why the Hell was he not in jail? Can anybody answer that question? On Tuesday,  WFAA reported:

El Paso police arrested Devin Kelley on June 7, 2012, at a Greyhound bus station a stone’s throw from the U.S.-Mexico border after he escaped the Peak Behavioral Health Services facility about 12 miles away in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, according to the police report…. Sunland Park officers told their Texas colleagues that Kelley “was a danger to himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking firearms” onto Holloman Air Force Base and that Kelley “was attempting to carry out death threats that [he] had made on his military chain of command,” the report states.

Following this stunt PLUS his domestic violence conviction, Kelley served just one year in a military prison. Then, the government bureaucrats at the Air Force failed to submit Devin P. Kelley’s file with regard to his conviction to the FBI, a move which may have prevented him from legally buying new guns.

The thing is, America doesn’t require more regulation, just for the Federal Government to enforce the existing ones, which are more than enough. Also, there are thousands of Devin Kelleys walking free in the US. Just in California there are over 16,000 mentally ill/felons who own guns and are known by the state. And nobody cares.

So, there you have it: an NRA-licensed instructor used his legally-owned semi-automatic rifle to stop a dishonorably discharged ex-military, wife- and child-beating nutcase who escaped a mental institution and slaughtered innocent church-goers. And he was able to do it because various government agencies ignored their responsibilities in keeping him locked up.

Seriously, you cannot expect the FBI, the same FBI that couldn’t find a reason to charge Clinton, or those responsible for the gun-running to Mexico that resulted in the death of Brian Terry, or, it turns out, cannot find a reason to charge Comey for leaking FBI documents to the press or a reason to at least investigate Uranium One Gate, to have been any more successful with this nutcase.

Government fail after government fail and according to Democrats we’re supposed to trust them to keep us safe and provide for us. Yes, let’s have more rules and regulations that only good people follow. I don’t know how anyone with a brain would ever fall for that.

This whole situation is a great case for smaller government and conservative values. With tighter fiscal constraints on government and more focused agencies, this man would have had a much more difficult time acquiring his weapons. Stephen “Barefoot Rambo” Willeford saved lives, undoubtedly, but an armed church-goer may have saved more.

“The laborer’s rifle over his fireplace is his guarantee of democracy” George Orwell.

Sadly gone in Britain.

Photo: AP