The Average US Taxpayer Spends More on Taxes Than Clothing, Food Combined

taxation is theft

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data as per 2016, the average American taxpayer spent more on paying taxes than on clothing and food combined. The same data reveals that between 2013 and 2016, i.e. during Barack Obama’s second term, the average tax-bill for US taxpayers skyrocketed, increasing by 41.13 percent in only three years.

Also, judging from BLS numers as per 2016, consumer units spent more on average on taxes (federal, state and local) than they did on clothing ($1803) and food ($7203) combined ($9006). Consumer units describe/include both financially independent individuals and families alike, together with people sharing expenses whilst living in a single household.

The average tax bill for United States consumer units thus skyrocketed in 3 years from $7423 as per the year 2013 to $10,489 in Obama’s last year in the White House, 2016 respectively. All the data is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it was collected for their Consumer Expenditure Survey, which is performed by the Census Bureau, measuring both incomes and expenditures of United States consumers.

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According to the aforementioned survey, there were 129,549,000 consumer units in the US as per 2016, and the average tax income of the American consumer unit stands at $74,664 for the respective  year, before taxes. The average American tax payer/consumer unit paid $10,489 in 2016 in personal taxes, a number which includes $2046 in state/local taxes, $75 in other taxes and a whopping  $8367 in federal taxes.

As per 2013, there were 125,670,000 consumer units in the United States, with the average tax income of the consumer unit (prior to taxes) standing at $63,784. In the same year (2013), the consumer unit paid $7432 in taxes on average, including $1629 in state/local income taxes, $5743 in federal income taxes and $60 in other taxes. Hence, the average tax bill increased by more than forty percent in just 4 years, from $7,432 to $10,489, which is a $3,057 increase. Federal income taxes increased by 45,7%, while state and income taxes grew by 25,6%.

For some Americans, property taxes are higher than the mortgage, i.e. some “consumer units” are paying more money to addicted-to-taxes-politicians/the big government to live on their own property than they actually paid for the respective property. That’s why many choose to rent and home ownership is at historic lows. Those who pay taxes through the nose provide for those that stay on welfare in a huge redistribution of wealth scheme courtesy of big-gov. That’s why term limits are a must and career politicians must be removed from the system.

Just remember how the US colonies rebelled against England over a 2% tax on tea. Let that sink in.


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