The Czech Republic Joins Hungary, Poland and Slovakia and Refuses EU Imposed Migrant Quota

eu migrant crisis

The Czech Republic just announced officially its withdrawal from the EU’s migrant resettlement program, joining its Central European neighbors Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The migrant resettlement program is basically owned by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, also known as mother of refugees or mutti Merkel, working in “collusion” with the  unelected bureaucrats at the EU.

The scheme drew enormous criticism, especially from Eastern and Central European countries. The initial phase of the migrant resettlement program was supposed to resettle 160,000 so-called refugees (in reality they’re welfare shoppers) from Greece and Italy across a number of EU member countries. Following the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in the UK, the Czech Republic officially announced its withdrawal from what it was described as a shambolic program, citing concerns over national security and the dysfunctionality of the scheme.

Prior to completely scrapping the migrant resettlement scheme, the Czech Republic accepted 12 (twelve) of the 1600 migrants quota imposed by the European Union. A similar quota was imposed by Brussels on all 28 members of the EU under the threat of economic/financial sanctions. After Angela Merkel chose to open her country’s borders to the biblical wave of migrants arriving from all corners of Africa and the Middle East, including countries where are no wars to speak of, EU’s inept response was the so-called resettlement scheme, as opposed to strictly vetting immigration and defending its borders whilst enforcing immigration laws.

The Czech Republic decided that the terrorist/Islamization threat is not worth it and they are now refusing to take in one migrant, despite the massive fines such bold refusal would incur from the EU. The decision to withdraw from the migrant resettlement program gained wide support from all the country’s political spectrum, while the public opinion is also strong against unvetted immigration from Muslim countries. The EU threatened to fine countries refusing migrants to the tune of 250,000 Euros per “refugee” refused, which is a very hefty price by any metrics, yet some European countries, including the Czech Republic are willing to pay.

And if you wonder why the rift between Eastern and Western Europe with regard to massive immigration, these former Soviet block states know what it is like to lose their country and their identity. They are not going to let it happen again. The countries refusing to allow an invasion of a violent, repressive, totalitarian ideology are the ones that know what it’s like to live under a repressive, violent, totalitarian ideology.