The Dark Side of the Story About the Russian Lawyer and Trump Jr.

rob goldstone russia

This hilariously looking dude is Rob Goldstone, a former tabloid writer for a UK newspaper who now runs a PR firm of sorts for musicians. One of Rob Goldstone’s clients is a Russian guy, Emin Algarov respectively, a pop star who had some kind of  connection with Donald Trump back in the day. For example, in 2015 Donald Trump made a cameo in one of Emin Algarov music videos while he was in Moscow.

The former UK tabloid writer told Trump Jr. that Emin Algarov was in possession of, let me quote:

“official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father. This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

So, let’s recap: an entertainment lawyer who works for some Russian rich guy-musician who claimed to know a guy who knows a lawyer who is going to be in NY and can she get a meeting — because she has documents (further unspecified) from the crown prosecutor (a position that does not exist in Russia) that will show that Clinton is up to no good, and this is all a part of Russia’s support and its government’s support for Trump.

Except the woman doesn’t have squat on Clinton, but does want to talk about US legislation that is detrimental to her client’s interests. And having got said meeting on false pretext, she could go to her rich client and say she got a meeting with Trump’s son, for which she automatically gets some kind of bonus. Which she was spending on a nice vacation when she had to come back and answer these hysterical charges.

That’s the big story pedaled by MSM pundits now.

Actually there’s a bigger story about the British Tabloid side of the dossier no one is talking about.

The whole thing is connected with Fusion GPS, Hillary’s dirt digging dossier dogs. The “Russian Lawyer” is not a “Kremlin Lawyer” at all, but rather an activist trying to re-enable adoption of Russian children program Putin actually ended because of the Magnitsky Act.

‘Coincidentally’, Fusion GPS has 2 major projects 1) Digging Trump dossier dirt for Hillary and 2) getting the Magnitsky Act repealed. Natalia Veselnitskaya got to the Trump meeting, had nothing from the Russians, and immediately launched into trying to cut a deal with Donald Trump Jr., Manafort & Kushner on the FUSION GPS Project, which probably  had a budget in the millions of dollars.

After all, what has Fusion got to lose??? Either way they win, even by getting chucked out of the room after 20 minutes like they did and they win the Drip of the Day like is now happening all over the MSM, or, even better, If Trump had not been as smart as he was and kicked her out, but rather joined on the campaign that Fusion was already involved and, and ending up to be rewarded big for his contribution and maybe make it a success.

If you want to plant a rat, this is perfect. Who else but Fusion GPS?
And of course Rob Goldstone, who is a tabloid expert and the ideal man for the job, i.e. absolutely perfectly suited, talented, and experienced….. to execute the plant.

We already know who (Hillary) pays Fusion millions of dollars for spreading false intel on Trump

The next question is: WHO PAID FUSION GPS ON THE MAGNITSKY ACT PROJECT?? Any investigation that fails at examine this link is rigged. Fusion does not disclose their donors, hence unless a formal investigation is launched, we’re fishing in the dark.

This was a honey pot scheme, and Trump didn’t take the bait. So they are now using the meeting to smear him. Sounds like a typical DEM set up.