The Dark Truth Behind NFL’s National Anthem Protests

nfl protests are hollow

As President Trump said it best, the NFL is going to hell. And that’s just the stone cold truth, not an opinion. Following NFL players turned millionaire social justice warriors and protesting against America’s claimed racism, inequality and oppression, NFL ratings plummeted, sponsors started pulling ads and the league’s favorability took a massive nose dive.

Just to give you a hint, according to a poll released earlier this week, NFL’s favorability has fallen from thirty percent on September 21st to seventeen percent on September 28, only 1 week later. The 13 points drop in just seven days coincides with NFL’s massive protests which were seen all across the league during week 3 of the season.

This is not the only poll which shows that Americans are losing interest and the NFL brand is going down. A new Rasmussen poll discovered that 34% of Americans are less likely to watch the NFL due to the national anthem/flag protests. Remember how all this started, more than a year ago when Barry Obama was in the White House:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

– Colin Kaepernick; August 26, 2016

But is that true? First, the same oppressed people of color living in a racist country which denies opportunities for minorities are now making for ~70% of the NFL and they’re all millionaires, but let that go. Considering that the NFL is now regurgitating Black Lives Matter propaganda about racist cops killing innocent black men on the streets like there’s no tomorrow, and that must be protested via politicizing the National Football League in good cultural-marxist tradition, let’s take a look at the recently FBI released crime statistics for 2016.

The number of black homicide victims as per 2016 is 7,881, 900 more than in 2015, and that’s on top of the previous 900 black homicide victims increase between 2014 and 2015. The number of black homicide victims as per 2016 is 1,305 more compared to the number of “white” victims (which by the way includes many Hispanics/Latinos) for the same period, despite the fact that African Americans make for only 13% of America’s population.

One may wonder, who is killing so many blacks? The answer is simple: not the police, not racist whites, but other blacks, most of them living in Democratic strongholds like Chicago.

Even if the irony is lost on Black Lives Matter (check out this article: BLM LEADER ROBBED BY BLACK MUGGER – CALLS FOR MORE COPS) according to FBI’s crime statistics, 233 blacks were fatally shot by police last year.

According to very left wing and social justice oriented Washington Post, the vast majority of the victims were armed and dangerous, with only 16 of them being shot by police while unarmed, though they were all violently resisting arrest.

With political elites during Barry Obama’s era working in collusion with the left wing mainstream media to demonize police, 72% of America’s law enforcement now say they are less willing to stop and question suspects, especially if they’re black/minorities, as per a Pew Research poll in January.