The European Union is Jailing People for Anti Islamic Facebook Posts

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The European Union seems to be taking George Orwell’s 1984 novel as an instructions manual of sorts, not as a warning about the brave new world waiting just around the corner. Last week, following a long string of deadly and horrific Islamic terrorist attacks on European soil, British and German authorities are clearly more enraged over their own citizens freedom of speech/expression than over the clear and present danger (mortal actually) presented by their suicidal open borders/unvetted immigration policy.

Last week on Tuesday, a 50 year old Sussex resident (Nigel Pelham) was arrested/jailed by local police and charged with no less than 8 counts of basically hate speech. Nigel was accused of publishing written material on social media (Facebook) aimed at stirring up religious hatred against Muslims back in 2015.

To make a long and politically correct story short, this guy is being punished for crime-think, a laughable offense in a civilized country, but not in the UK, the place that gave the world Magna Charta, parliamentary democracy and individual rights. What’s even more Kafkian is the fact that on the exact same day Nigel was jailed for his free speech, the homes of 36 Germans were raided by police. Obviously, they were all charged with the same hate speech crime, more precisely for hateful postings on social media.

In 2017, the biggest problem in the European Union is not Islamic terrorism, but hate speech from victims of Islamic terrorism. While dying or getting maimed in Islamic terrorist attacks all over the EU is now described by London’s Muslim mayor as being “part and parcel to living in a big city”, the only way EU citizens are now allowed to respond to their children getting blown up at concerts is to carry on exactly as before.

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