The Fake Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative is Disintegrating

donald trump right again

If you’re a liberal and/or a Hillary supporter, or just a Trump hater, my question for you is this: how is that Trump-Russia collusion narrative working for you? The answer is pretty obvious: in the light of last week’s revelations, it completely collapsed. Basically, everyone in the swamp Washington DC is colluding with Russia. Well, everyone except Donald Trump.

We have the now-famous Podesta group, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the FBI colluding with the Russians, but no Trump. Amazing, to say the least. Colluding with the Russians in order to dig up dirt  to smear your political opponent thus to influence an election is bad. Or at least, that’s what the Democrats and the corporate left wing mainstream-media were telling us.

When Donald Trump Jr. met with that Russian lawyer, the left went ballistic: that was nothing short of treason in their view, not to mention false statements, perjury etc. And President Trump was bordering on treason too, see, because all of them have sought out damaging information about Hillary Clinton from the Russians, or at least that’s what CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the MSM told us then.

Now, it’s interesting to see how the same leftist media reacted to the news that Hillary Clinton, the DNC and Obama’s FBI actually colluded with Russia as they paid beaucop dollars for that pathetic Trump Piss-gate dossier, and after that they lied about their involvement for a whole year, whilst pointing their finger at President Trump for his alleged Russian collusion, with no evidence mind you.

And now, as the Uranium One scandal is again in the spotlight, not to mention the Hillary-DNC-Podesta-Fusion GPS-Russia extravaganza, the same mainstream media is trying to ignore it. I mean, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC etc devoted virtually no air-time to these bombshell stories for the last seven days or so. Mind you, these are the guys who obsessed about Russia being America’s public enemy number one for months and months since the Donald entered the White House.

And how are they now reacting to the news that it was Hillary, Obama and the Democrats altogether colluding with Russia to do opposition research on Trump, not to mention selling America’s strategic uranium reserves to Russian controlled companies in a scheme involving racketeering, bribing and corruption?

Donald Trump Jr. having some useless meeting with a Russian lawyer back in 2016 was awful. The Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign scheming with the FBI to collude with the Russians by producing a fake dossier to influence the election, that’s kosher, see.

I told you that the Russia collusion narrative was fake-news months ago The Truth About President Trump and the Russia Connection.



Photo Source: Aron Anderson/Facebook