The Hidden Story of Barack Obama’s 8 Years in Office

What Obama won’t tell you about his legacy

obama legacy

While Barack Obama is preparing to leave office  and let The Donald in, he’s also building himself a wall around his new DC mansion, but that’s a trivial matter (goes to leftist hypocrisy though).

However, what’s most important is what Barack Hussein Obama will not tell you about his legacy. Remember that Obama won the White House twice running on a hope and change meme, yet he failed to deliver on his promises in all regards, from race relations which are the worst in decades to the economy, which is in dire straits, as the US incurred a huge national debt of almost 20 trillion dollars, not to mention unfunded liabilities which are hundreds of trillions.

While Trump inserted himself into America’s foreign policy prior to the inauguration day, playing president from day one after winning the election in November, Barack Obama chose not to diminish quietly into the night, using his last days in office for signing a huge number of last minute executive orders, ranging from pardoning convicted drug dealers or commuting sentences to declaring millions of acres in Nevada and Utah as national monuments or banning drilling in parts of the Arctic Ocean/off the Atlantic coast.

When he’s not making mischief for Donald Trump, his successor, Barack is busy marketing his legacy, because why wait for others to assess your performance when you can do it yourself?

Here are a handful of things/issues Obama would prefer that we forget.

The economy (GDP) grew on average with 2.1% during Obama’s 2 terms in office, making for the weakest expansion since World War 2. The 16.5% cumulative growth from 2009-2016 pales in comparison to the 38.4% increase during the Reagan era (1982-1990 expansion) or the 42.6% from ’91 to 2001.

The good news is that the sense of optimism following Donald Trump’s election kept the stock market positively buoyant while business, consumer and home builder confidence have all rocketed, with big companies planning to increase capital spending in the near future.

Obama left the Democratic party in ashes, as DEMs have lost more than one thousand seats at national and state level. DEM controlled state legislative seats stand at 3129 vs REP’s 4170, an all time low, while REPs now hold 33 governorships and will achieve full control (both houses of the state legislature) in twenty five states vs 5 for DEMs.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama also continued all the wars inherited from the Bush era, despite his campaign promises to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, he started new ones, i.e. Syria is in shambles, Libya  is a failed state and if that’s not enough, Obama’s administration broke with thirty six years of US policy and it abandoned its only true ally in the middle East, Israel respectively, allowing a UN Security Council Resolution to pass, a resolution that declares the Israeli settlements (including Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Western Wall) illegal. This weird and nothing short of vindictive act of Barack Obama makes a 2-state solution virtually impossible and discourages bilateral negotiations.

The election of the first black US President in history may  have broken racial barriers, but he did nothing to improve race relations. A vast majority of Americans (54.4%) consider that race relations deteriorated under Barack Obama.

Obama managed to divide the country, repeatedly accusing police of racial profiling/bias with regards to black crime, while whites accused him of playing the race card once too often. Obama’s home town Chicago, a decades old DEM ruled citadel is arguably the Crime Capital of the western hemisphere, witnessing 762 homicides in 2016 and over 1100 shootings, despite Chicago’s draconian gun control laws.

Finally, Obama spent 8 years avoiding using that which must not be named, i.e. Islamic terrorism. He chose to intellectualize his position claiming that using this 2-words phrase equates Islam with terrorism, and that would be counterproductive in countering terrorism. Instead, Hussein chose to use Orwellian terms, like workplace violence, even if the terrorists in question paid homage to a leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi respectively. Every (un-acknowledged) terrorist act was used as yet another opportunity for Obama to lecture the nation on the absolute need of stricter gun control laws.