The Magic Formula For Every Russia/Trump Shocker Meme

Wash, Rinse, Repeat ad nauseam

After the Democrats lost the presidential election, they concocted some sort of strategy for delegitimizing Trump’s presidency 24/7 by using a mischievous melange of anonymous (and illegal) leaks via Obama left-behinds from the Deep State,  fake news stories, conspiracy theories and wild allegations pedaled via their loyal mainstream media mouthpieces.

The scheme is pretty simple and goes something like this:

  • CIA/Russia sponsored Washington Post aka Jeff Bezos’s blog or the New York Times aka Carlos Slim’s playground (a Mexican billionaire) run a story that looks extremely damning, at least at first sight and without giving it too much thought
  • Democrats and various never Trumpers react in a Pavlovian manner to the respective story, by furious virtue signalling outrage, proclaiming unequivocally that this is the story that will finally break the camel’s hump (or is it its back?), i.e. the conclusive proof of the unholy alliance/collusion between Russia, the empire of evil and Donald Trump, Hitler reincarnated.
  • Clinton operatives in the fake news mainstream media, looking very serious and aggrieved, start to connect the dots of the occult story so to speak, in a manner very conspiracy-theory like  which closely resembles the “it’s those darn’ ruskies again” meme
  • Self assessed experts and talking heads nobody heard about nor give a damn’ begin to ask insinuating/loaded questions about how the respective revelations may be criminally sanctioned offenses, just like they did with the political execution of former NSA Michael Flynn. The current meme pedaled by the mainstream media and archaic DEMs like granny Nancy Pelosi is that Jeff Sessions committed perjury hence he must be hanged by his political neck until dead.
  • The key phrase  “Trump is a Russian mole and Putin’s puppet” is thus implanted into the minds of zealot Democrats and social justice warriors/activists which begin protesting, showing off their “Resist” placards and chanting stupid slogans before, let’s say the Department of Justice, asking for Trump/Jeff Sessions/whomever arrest, whilst hyperventilating about that deplorable Putin’s puppet taking over “muh freedoms”.
  • Every rational mind pointing out the inconsistencies, sophisms and blatant stupidities regarding the fake-news stories/conspiracy theories about the devilish Russians who mind-control the current administration is instantly branded as a Donald Trump supporter, i.e. persona non grata and a horror of a human being.
  • After frothing at their mouths for at least 24 hours, the zealots are starting to realize that they’ve been duped once again, that the furor was over-hyped and they were wrong again etc.
  • DEMs who were trying to capitalize on the “revelations” end up losing again etc.
  • Any contact/meeting with Russian officials becomes a traitorous activity from now on, aka the new normal and inherently avoidable, rather than just a basic function of various US government officials, like an ordinary Senator’s duty
  • The political climate becomes more toxic and gets degraded continuously.

Wash, rinse, repeat.