The New Europe: Austria, Sweden and Germany Decorate Anti-Jihadi Cement Blocks for Christmas

Check out the pictures and tell me you just love the new open-borders, progressive, tolerant and multicultural Europe! If you’re wondering what’s up with those pretty Christmas trees, well, they’re not actual Christmas trees, but a decoy which tries to hide the concrete anti-Jihadi barriers underneath.

See, since Europe’s leaderships decided to commit cultural (and actual suicide) by importing millions of unvetted welfare shoppers from Africa and the Middle East, the vast majority of them Muslim males of military age and among them tens of thousands of returning Jihadists, terrorism and criminality reached unprecedented highs. And the new normal in Europe is to erect cement barriers around their countries historic landmarks, Christmas markets and government offices, to deter the trucks of peace from slaying their sheeple-like population.

The question is, why did they not erect those barriers on their own borders? The good side of the story is that they’re at least trying to edulcorate the situation by decorating the anti-Jihadi cement blocks for Christmas. Aren’t they cute?

“Dressed up” concrete barriers are a perfect metaphor for the failure of multiculturalism. Europeans and their traditions are under attack, yet the political, academic, and media class keep telling them multiculturalism is a beautiful thing. Beneath the beautiful gift wrapping is the cold hard reality of a failed policy.

Here’s the voice of reason via Daily Mail’s editor Katie Hopkins:

Here are the Swedish cement blocks, aren’t they festive?

swedish cement blocks

In Sweden, the completely out-of-their-mind matriarchal and low testosterone government give returning Jihadis (ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria) housing and welfare. Austria plays it cool with wrapping the anti-terror cement blocks as Christmas packages, aren’t they cute? But wrong!

austria anti terror cement blocks

bath cement anti terror cement blocks

I’m surprised they are still celebrating Christmas at all! Simply one of the saddest things I have ever seen.