The Public Lynching of Judge Moore by the Coward RINOs and the Leftist MSM

judge roy moore lynching

If you were following the news cycle, you already know that the establishment is working hard on annihilating Judge Moore, whether we’re talking about the corporate MSM or the RINOs. If their efforts will be successful, the Democrats will end up with owning their own death-star-like weapon against President Trump and his populist movement. The left is not interested in finding the truth on this particular issue, nor they’re looking for justice.

The whole thing about the public lynching of Judge Roy Moore has to do with keeping the DC swamp afloat and smothering Trump’s America First movement. By now, several women accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct back in the seventies. Roy Moore is currently running for an Alabama Senate seat that was left vacant by AG Jeff Sessions.

Following the 6 or 7 sexual assault allegations against Moore, a number of establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan, McCain, Linsdey Graham, Ted Cruz or Mitch McConell are now asking for the Judge to step aside and drop out of the race. The mainstream media, (WaPo started the whole scandal by the way) is doing the same thing 24/7. The Democrats couldn’t be happier to paint Moore as the new face of the Republican party. The thing is, Judge Moore is a conservative, God fearing white Christian who is now accused of being a pedophile and a sexual pervert. It doesn’t get any better for leftists. Both the DEMs and the GOP are now saying that even if Judge Moore wins the special election, they will not allow him to become a US Senator, as per Alabama’s people will.

If Judge Moore wins against all odds, the state Alabama Republican Party-who already pulled its formal support for Moore (and the financing)- is now planning to declare the election null and void, thus throwing the ball into Governor Kay Ivey court, who’ll be forced to announce a new special election. Basically, the establishment is all-in against the Judge, thus signaling to the American public that regardless of what they want, Judge Moore will not be allowed (under any circumstance, as in never) to be a Senator. The mainstream media and the swamp are willing to do anything to overturn an election to prevent a populist/America-first guy from becoming an Alabama Senator.

The message is loud and clear: the corrupt swamp doesn’t care about sovereignty and democracy/self government, as they are telling Alabama voters that their ballots mean nothing, and that should frighten every red-blooded American. Keep in mind that Moore’s accusers have no witnesses, no proof, as in nothing to corroborate their claims; it’s all a “he said, she said” game.

However, the establishment GOP and the media already rushed to judgement and due to the mass hysteria, Moore has already been judged and convicted in the court of public opinion. Obviously, he’s presumed guilty and has to prove his innocence, just like in Soviet Russia.

And the same people who are now passing judgement on Judge Moore, claiming he’s unfit to hold office, supported sexual predators like former POTUS Bill Clinton (the left defended him tooth and nail), Senator Ted Kennedy (who among other things killed a women while drunk driving and abandoned her, letting her drown like a dog), a known serial sexual predator who was nicknamed The Lion of the Senate, or. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat representative who ran a prostitution ring as we was a sitting member of the Congress. The MSM never called for these guys to be stripped of their office.

A most recent example is Senator Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat who’s currently on trial on corruption charges. There’s video footage of this guy having sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, yet the jury is deadlocked and he’s on the verge to getting away with influence peddling, kickbacks and bribery, not to mention allegation of pedophilia. And he did all these 4 years, not 40 years ago.

The response from the corporate MSM and the swamp? Well, Paul Ryan, McConnel, McCain, Chuck Schumer, WaPo et all said Menendez can get back in the Senate if he beats those charges, there’s no problem. There’s no talk of nullifying elections in his case, nor to be expelled from the Senate. Why? Because he’s a Democrat and a swamp member in good standing, he’s “their guy”, a globalist and a good ol’boy plutocrat. See, Menendez who had sex with minors on tape is kosher, Moore is not. I don’t know if Judge Moore is guilty or innocent, there’s no way of telling at this point. But Moore should be held at the same standards as Menendez and other prominent DEMs, don’t you think?

This case will not ever go to a court of law (there’s long-due statute of limitations for these accusations). So the people of Alabama will be judge and jury in this case.  Judge Moore will win or lose in the court of public opinion. So be it.