The Recount Could Change Everything

Don’t Plan on it, the odds aren’t in Clinton’s favor.

The majority of American voters chose Hillary Clinton as their president, but with the American political system the way it is, she did not win. That could change and it all comes down to three states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Efforts are well underway to raise the money required to start the recount process. In 2000, Al Gore requested one of the most famous recounts in modern politics, with a final ruling by the Supreme Court taking place over a month after the election. Time is not on Clinton’s side but don’t count her out just yet.

Surprisingly, it isn’t Clinton spearheading the recount movement but rather Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. The Green Party is now fundraising for the costs associated with recounting the ballets and the attorneys fees. Currently, their total is at an astounding $5.7 million at the time of this writing. One of the amazing things is the fact that every time I reload the page, which takes plenty of time to reload because so many people are using the site, but the total raises nearly $5,000 every time. Considering that in two days they have raised $5.7 million, their goal of $7 million by Wednesday (11/30) seems easily attainable.

During the last major presidential recount in 2000, only the state of Florida was at contention, instead of the three states this time. The rush is on this year with the federal deadline for all recounts being December 13th. This could come down to the wire as the legal process starts, the Supreme Court could become the central issue. How the ballets are recounted will determine who is our next president, and who ends up making that decision isn’t as straight forward as it sounds.

The way this could work out is something like this:

With the recount, the accusing party, in this case the Green Party/Jill Stein, will have to provide some reason as to why the way the votes were counted the first time was wrong. Here, Stein could propose an issue with the irregularities of the electronic voting machines, so the lawyers arguing could ask for those votes to be excluded and that could push Clinton ahead. I do not know if that is how the lawyers will argue this, but it will have to be argued in court no matter what route they choose.

When we get to the point where the cases are argued in front of the State Supreme Courts, it could go as far as they need to. Usually, the United States Supreme Court would have final judgment, but they could end up having no say in how this election ends. If you aren’t a huge fan of politics like I am, this is how it breaks down: if the United States Supreme Court can’t come to a decision and split 4-4, the final ruling of the State Supreme Court would stand. Meaning each individual State Supreme Court has to rule in favor of Clinton, who finally annouced she would participate in the recount, to have her win. If just one State Supreme Court rules in favor of the original count, Clinton would not pass the 270 electoral vote threshold to be President. So for Clinton and all of the Never Trump activists, it has to be all or nothing right now.

Depending on the State Supreme Court rulings, Congressional Republicans could be rejoicing or crying when this is all over. Republican leaders in the senate have blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination from getting a vote and now plan on filing the vacancy with Trump’s nominee. It looks like our entire founding principals of democracy could fall apart because Republicans didn’t fill the United States Supreme Court in a timely manner.

No one knows exactly what will happen.

Everything in this article may never happen but the fact that the possibility is there should scare a tremendous amount of people. Americans no longer have control of their democracy. It is time to reconsider everything we think we know about our great country and truly start the process to building an America for all citizens, not just the few at the top. Our democratic system should evolve with the times and this election could do that, but it could also show us the scary underbelly that is American Politics.