The Supreme Court Decides On Trump’s DACA Appeal, And It’s Bad News For The Donald

The Supreme Court Decides On Trump's DACA Appeal, And It's Bad News For The Donald

On Monday, the US Supreme Court issued its decision on President Trump’s DACA appeal, and unfortunately, the “Supremes” declined to hear the POTUS’ expedited appeal of a lower court federal judge’s injunction, which stopped Trump’s attempt to roll back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals order issued by former President Barack Obama. The SCOTUS’ decision on Monday can be regarded as a nuisance  to President Trump’s administration, which tried to either determine the Congress to pass legislation and sort things out once and for all,or to revoke DACA altogether if the Democrats were not ready to find common ground with the GOP on the DACA issue.

President Trump was issued an injunction from Judge William Alsup of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California back in January, that barred him from revoking Obama’s executive order on DACA. Trump’s administration decided to appeal the lower court injunction directly to the SCOTUS, in order to save time, thus making for an extraordinary procedural move. Normal procedure would have required the government to challenge Judge William Alsup’s injunction order at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is well known for its anti Trump positions. However, the SCOTUS’ decision on Monday was not really surprising, as the Supreme Court rarely grants such urgent requests. In the next step, Trump’s administration will ask the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn Judge William Alsup, and most probably, the 9th “Circus” will decline to do so, hence this case will finally end up at the Supreme Court once again. Deputy White House Press Secretary Raj Shah said shortly after Monday’s decision:

“The fact that [Alsup’s order] occurs at a time when elected representatives in Congress are actively debating this policy only underscores that the district judge has unwisely intervened in the legislative process. We look forward to having this case expeditiously heard by the appeals court and, if necessary, the Supreme Court, where we fully expect to prevail.”

The Executive order signed by Obama (DACA) that started the whole extravaganza was illegal to begin with. Judge William Alsup has in-joined the president from ending an illegal order with an even more illegal injunction. The President should just ignore it, thus setting up a constitutional crisis ending up with the SCOTUS in what might be a landmark case reversing years of federal judges making law from the bench (judicial tyranny by any definition).

I just don’t understand this: how does an unelected federal judge stop the President of the United States from issuing an Executive Order, which he has every right to do per the Constitution, overturning a previous Executive Order from prior POTUS?  I mean, we have multiple federal judges in complete violation of their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution right now, and Congress is doing absolutely nothing about it! And Congress is the only branch of government that can reign in (i.e. IMPEACH) the judicial branch.