The Trump Effect: Americans Filled With Optimism About the Economy

The vast majority of Americans strongly believe that the country’s economy is doing great and most of them think that the “up and up” trend will continue unabated under the Presidency of Donald Trump, according to a Harvard Harris poll made for The Hill.

The Harvard Harris survey discovered that an impressive 61% of Americans see the US economy as strong, whatever that means, while 39% say that it is weak. The same poll found 42% of Americans saying that the country’s economy is on the right track, compared to 39% who believe the opposite, i.e. it’s on the wrong track.

As far as polls go, this one only speaks about the general sense of optimism among the American people, despite the mainstream media propaganda which claims incessantly that President Trump’s administration is in chaos, he doesn’t  know what he’s doing and so on and so forth.

The huge turnaround and the surge in optimism (and in the stock market by that matter, which is at historic highs) is obviously due to President Trump’s success in the 2016 election, together with his plans for making America great again, as in getting back to nationalism/America First and away from globalism.

At his press conference on Thursday, President Trump said that he inherited a mess from Obama’s administration, both inside the US and from a geopolitical point of view, i.e. worldwide (Syria, China, Russia etc) while the Democrats claim that the former President handed over a healthy economy to Trump, which begs the question why Hillary lost the election in such a categorical manner. After all, it’s the economy stupid!

According to the same poll, 60% of Republicans are satisfied with the economy’s trajectory, with just 33% of Democrats believing that the US economy is on the right track. 48% of DEMs think that the US economy is headed wrong, while 65% of President Trump’s voters see the economy going in the right direction.

The stock market is soaring and jobs are still a major issue, but President Trump’s announced tax cuts , regulatory relief, tax reform and infrastructure/military spending contributed to the change in sentiment, considering how negative Americans were about the economy in the last 8 years.