The Trump Effect: Federal Gov. Jobs Down 13,000

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The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of federal government employees dropped by 13,000 during President Trump’s tenure in the White House. However, the overall government employment numbers in the US increased by 7,000, as more people were employed at state/local government level.

The number of jobs in the manufacturing sector halted in September after a significant increase which started last December, as the US lost one thousand jobs last month. According to the BLS report:

“Manufacturing employment was essentially unchanged in September (-1,000). From a recent employment trough in November 2016 through August of this year, the industry had added an average of 14,000 jobs per month.”

The number of federal government employees back in December of 2016 was 2,819,000, while in September of 2017, preliminary data shows 2,806,000 people working for the federal government.The 13,000 jobs decline is not much, but it’s a start.

Regardless, state and local governments added 15,000 and 36,000 workers respectively. Currently, there are 5,100,000 Americans working for state governments and 14,431,000 working for local governments.

The manufacturing sector in the US added 104,000 new jobs so far in 2017, despite losing 1000 in September. The total number of Americans working in the manufacturing sector as per September 2017 was 12,447,000, compared to December 2016’s 12,343,000 figure, which makes for a net 104,000 jobs gain. However, government jobs are still dwarfing manufacturing jobs in the US. As per September 2017, there are 22,337,000 people working for the US government (federal, state and local) compared to  12,447,000 employed in the manufacturing sector.

If there’s one thing that defines failing/declining countries the world over and throughout history, it’s huge government bureaucracies.

Government employs way too many people. Proof of this is the fact that during a government shutdown, only the essential employees are required to continue to work. Non-essentials get to stay home (yet still get back pay even though they didn’t work). If a person is deemed non-essential, then the government should eliminate that position entirely. The American taxpayer should not be funding non-essential government jobs. 13,000 is a great start, yet I bet that number could easily be increased to a million.

While private sector jobs were on decline in 2009, then president Barry Obama raised government hiring by 17%. Then we heard about so many government employees doing nothing all day except surf the net because they had nothing to do. President Trump should end two of the most worthless departments, i.e. President Jimmy Carter’s Dept of Education and Dept of Transportation. Start scaling them down now. Those retiring, do not replace.

Those who are left, give them 2 years to find other positions or lay them off because the department where they work and their jobs won’t exist anymore. Scale back other departments, like the EPA and Commerce. Cut their budgets and lay strict guidelines on what they are authorized to do. Get rid of redundancy.

There are many programs in all departments and agencies that are just plan unneeded or redundant. End them all! And I would like to see Congress start looking at all laws on the books and repeal those which aren’t needed. I can come up with more budget cutting measures and I know you can as well.