The Truth About Assad Poison Gas Attack

To begin with, let’s clear out the debris from the official narrative. In order to do so, I would strongly suggest you to watch this video first:

Now, let’s move on with the main reasons which would lead us to doubt the US Gummint’s official story about Bashar al Assad using chemical weapons on his own people.

First, the so called sarin gas story pedaled by the MSM prompted President Trump to order a missile strike on a Syrian military airfield. However, now it looks that the official narrative was just a pretext for justifying a wag-the-dog move.

To begin with, if you look at the pics showing how first responders/rescue workers are decontaminating/treating the people killed/injured in the alleged sarin gas attack, you’ll see they were no protecting gear, not even gloves. Some of them are in sandals for Christ’s sake. If that was a sarin gas attack, they would have been dead.

Now, consider this: Assad was winning the war with ISIS/various other terrorist factions in Syria. Assad was backed by Russia and scoring one victory after another, with peace negotiations around the corner. Suddenly, he decides to risk his 7 years struggle and orders his army to drop sarin gas on civilians. Doesn’t make sense.

Furthermore, as soon as the chemical attack was reported via the MSM, Assad was blamed instantly, despite the fact that all the intel came from terrorists basically. Without any type of comprehensive investigation, the stage was set for an epic show, i.e. 59 Tomahawk missiles launched against the Syrian regime during the night, in a very patriotic and gung-ho atmosphere.

There are numerous precedents of US going to war based on false flags/false evidence. Just remember Saddam’s weapons of mass “distraction” in Iraq, the famous non existent WMD, or the fake news from the nineties with babies being pushed out of incubators in Kuwait by the Iraqi army (prior to US invading Iraq).

Who benefits from the claimed chemical attack on civilians? Assad has nothing to gain, only to lose. Just think about it.

ISIS has used chemical weapons at least 52 times in the last three years.

Are you starting to get the picture?