The Truth About President Trump and the Russia Connection

Comey issues a public plea for a cover-up?

This whole matter is turning into what liars do when they’re caught selling a fake narrative, i.e. they always get caught up in their own lies.

Here is the essence of the lie:  DEMS and their pundits sell a story that Donald Trump’s staff colluded with the Russian Government. Donald Trump’s people (namely General Flynn) deny that allegation.

Barack Obama’s people went on further into saying :we have proof of collusion (as in  we have the the tape). Curious parties ask: what tape?

Suddenly, Barack Obama’s pundits realize that they can’t show off  the tape legally, so they now resort to selling the general public a second lie-that there has been an investigation on Donald Trump’s staff because of the accusation of them working with the Russians.

In order to “prove” the second lie, they resort to anonymous sources which leak the intel  about the existence of a legal warrant via FISA. But when they’re pressed to go further into details, they say there was no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and/or his people and the Russians.

Now James Clapper goes on to saying that there was no wiretap from his agency thus hoping he can now help with the new narrative that Barack Obama would never eavesdrop on a Presidential candidate. You’ll have to note how he says HIS agency, but he never mentions the other 12 or so alphabet soup intelligence agencies that also have title three capabilities.

Basically, this is Clapper trying not to go to jail.

Now we’re at the point where lies start twisting on themselves. At this point we have something like this:

Initially, the story was that Trump was colluding with the Russians. When the question was asked about “how do you know this”, there was a whisper saying “transcripts“.

Alright, so how did you get the transcripts was the next question. The answer was that the transcripts were due to a FISA warrant and a long investigation.

Next question: where’s the FISA warrant? Well, suddenly there’s no warrant, after 2 weeks of claiming there was one.

To justify there was no warrant, Clapper says there’s no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians.

Basically there are 2 possibilities:

First, there was a warrant and there was spying on an American citizen sans probable cause; then, the intel was illegally leaked to the press in an effort to undermine Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Second possibility, there was never any warrant and all these stories are an elaborate stratagem concocted by Obama’s people and loyalists, together with the left-behinds from the Deep State, trying to destroy/delegitimize Trump.

Both scenarios are illegal by any metrics. The problem with the best laid plans of mice and men is that Donald Trump became POTUS. So, he now knows (or he’s starting to learn) everything.

Those who planned and executed these schemes are now exposed and basically cooked. The only card they can play, and I am talking about the executioners, is to step up to the plate and tell the general public who put them up to this.

Button down bureaucrats are cravens and do not enjoy  the concept of doing time in jail. Most of them are wine swilling lawyers who are all about posturing and not much else.

President Trump must play it tough and HAS TO not fold here in that old (and sad) tradition of “I wont spill your secrets if you don’t spill mine” that plagues Washington DC. The pundits will spill their guts as soon as the first perpetrator walk is shown live in HD on television.

Now James Comey is running for cover, as is Clapper. My personal bet is that there’s no wiretap and no FISA warrant. There are all lies.

And every Donald Trump supporter is probably wondering why on Earth did they keep Comey.