The Truth About President Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

What the Mainstream Media is Not Telling You

President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees and visitors sparked a massive outcry in the United States and all over the world for that matter, with the mainstream media pundits and various left wing snowflakes over-reacting hysterically and boasting emotional meltdowns on the social media and international TV networks.

Hollywood celebrities and former President Barack Obama are also agitating the clueless masses of sore loser Democrats, proving once again that it’s virtually impossible to have a reasonable debate with the left with regard to safe and sane immigration policies, because everything about these matters was constantly politicized and sentimentalized beyond the realm of rational arguments.

Mass media shrieked all over the weekend about stupid memes like nationalism and fascism, falsely invoking the US Constitution and deploring the so called religious persecution promoted by the Devil incarnate Donald J Trump. Let’s see about that, shall we?

  1. Donald Trump DID NOT ISSUE a Muslim ban.You can search the executive action for yourself, there’s no mention of religion, i.e. the words Islam or Muslim are not to be found in there. CNN&comp used the word Muslim, not President Donald Trump, i.e. they used repeatedly the phrase “Muslim majority countries”. The order only applies to citizens of 7 countries in the Middle East, regardless of their religion, Christians and Muslims alike. The ban is not absolute, there are exceptions to it which can be granted on a case by case basis. More countries may be added to the list in the days to come after a 30 day review of nations that fail to provide the DHS with proper intel for vetting visa applicants.
  2. President’s Trump Executive Order is based on Barack Obama’s security reviews, while the 7 countries are drawn directly from the  Terrorist Prevention Act of 2015’s “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015” by Barack Hussein Obama, which cites Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Yemen as having a history of harboring, training and exporting terrorism.
  3. The moratorium/visa ban is temporary, for the next 90 days, until an efficient vetting process is put into place.
  4. Obama also banned immigration from Iraq for 6 months while Jimmy Carter banned it from Iran. Trump’s order is identical to Obama’s, yet “liberals” did not melt down and they failed to protest their hope and change president when he banned Iraqis for half a year.




Finally, Trump’s order is legal and Constitutional, being a security measure by excellence and not a random expression of xenophobia. Many terrorists attacking America during Obama’s long years in office were green card holders.

For the progressive globalists like Obama and his liberal mainstream media lapdogs, America’s security is their lowest concern, as everything revolves around their virtue signaling, left wing ideology and political correctness above everything else. Emotional opportunism and political theater are the left’s only weapons and their hysterical reaction to Trump’s actions only proves him right once again.