The Wall Street Journal Just Made It on Trump’s Fake-News List

wall street fake news

There are only 3 days remaining until President Trump will announce the winner of his “Fake News Award”. Today’s fake news alert comes courtesy of a former reputable mainstream publication, the Wall Street Journal respectively, which now looks like it managed to steal the thunder from WaPo, CNN or the failing New York Times in terms of delivering fake news to their readers.

Recently, the WSJ reported that Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, paid off, as in bribed, a former adult-movie star, Stormy Daniels respectively. The bribe was aimed at keeping her quiet with regard to an alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump back in 2006, when his wife (Melania) was pregnant with Barron Trump. The WSJ report was denied vehemently by the White House and Cohen produced a letter signed by Stormy Daniels which denies WSJ’ allegations. And then, of course, it was the Deutsche Bank subpoena story earlier in December.

Now, let’s see the POTUS’ latest tweets:

Here’s WSJ take on the issue:

Judging by the context, as normal, it’s crystal clear that President Trump and Kim Jong-un have a very hostile relationship, at least in the present, and they’ve never met. What Trump meant is that provided diplomatic talks ensue and they meet personally at some point in the future, the two heads of state may be able to work out a productive relationship.

Journalism is dead. It died 10 years ago with their coverage of Barack Obama. They became cheer-leading sycophants, slanted and dishonest. Notice how the MSM have almost went totally silent on Wolff and his book already. And never a single apology, because that would take decency. Nope, they just move quickly on to the next lie. And when everyone figures out that lie, they’re onto the next. We don’t have fair and responsible journalists anymore. We have nothing but political hit teams, feigning as journalists.