The War on Terror Price Tag: 7,000 Americans Killed and $5.6 Trillion

war on terror

To put things into perspective: a trillion dollars is 1,000 billion dollars; furthermore, 7,000 wasted American lives are priceless. However, this is the price tag on the so-called War on Terror (for further reference read this: The War on Terror is a Fraud) courtesy of a study made by Brown University. The study reveals how America’s failed war on terror, which resulted in endless conflicts between 9/11/2001 and 2018 drained $23,000 and some change from each US taxpayer’s bank account.

On top of that, America paid dearly in human-lives, with more than 7,000 soldiers getting killed in action and over 52,000 being maimed and injured. US spending on veteran benefits grew by almost $300 billion due to wars in the Middle East following the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The study by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs claims that the US government is expected to spend almost $6 trillion through 2018, costs related to the wars waged in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The six trillion figure is more than 3x the amount estimated by the Pentagon. Imagine our collective shock, they were wrong.

The overly optimistic  study conducted by “independent” analysts and the Pentagon was predictably dubbed “Estimated Cost to Each Taxpayer for the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria,” and the estimated spending figure on those conflicts was 1.5 trillion dollars. Regardless of these figures, keep in mind that Brown University says that their 5.6 trillion dollars figure is very conservative (as in the real costs are way higher):

This report has not included here state and local government expenses related to medical care of veterans and homeland security. Nor does this report calculate the macro economic costs of war for the US economy. And while this report discusses some of the ways that families bear the burden of caring for seriously veterans [sic], I have not added a value for the costs of their uncompensated care.

The official narrative says that 9/11 was financed with $600,000 and it was designed to pull America into a state of perpetual war in the Middle East, a war which drained the US of its resources, making for a classical example of asymmetrical warfare. The US’ response was invading Iraq and overthrowing Saddam in 2003, thus destabilizing the country, creating a power vacuum, which led to ISIS, the migrant invasion of Europe, etc. Also, it created a narrative whereby every disgruntled male in the Middle East blames America for every problem in the world, and justifies terrorism against USA. And I’m not going to rant about lost civil liberties following the passing of the unconstitutional Patriot Act, NDAA etc. which morphed the USA into a de-facto police state.

Who won? Cui Bono?