There’s Something Funny About Donald Trump And Barry Obama’s Approval Ratings After Their 1st Year in Office

trump matches obama approval ratings

Today’s news story arrives courtesy of Matt Drudge via a rare tweet. You know, Matt Drudge, the owner of world’s largest news-aggregator website, the Drudge Report that is. Here’s the tweet, and you should take it seriously, because this guy doesn’t tweet much, and when he does it, it’s really meaningful:

The story goes something like this: as per Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday, President Trump’s approval rating perfectly matches Barack Obama’s end of first year: 46% of Americans approve of the Donald, while 53% disapprove. Now, if you ask me, when people will start seeing more money in their pay-checks, that number will jump to 50% or more.

However, 46% is still very low. Allow me to explain why I find these numbers hard to believe after everything that Trump has accomplished. Either the patriots who voted for Trump are blind as a bat to his accomplishments (which I think is highly doubtful) or the polls are being heavily skewed, as usual. Consider this: during his reign in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama had the entire establishment media complex on his side, as well as Facebook, Google, Apple, fake polls used to shape (not measure) public opinion, and the CIA, i.e. the deep state king makers in his corner; and yet he STILL can’t do better than Donald Trump (in the polls).

President Obama was constantly propped up by the mainstream media, while Trump is trashed by the same mainstream media on a daily basis (he’s a racist Nazi Russian owned puppet and literally Hitler), and still he came out even. That is huge. Trump is who presents himself to be, while Obama was, is, and always will be an empty ideological lying suit.