This is CNN: Trump Won Because His Voters are Stupid, Racist, Misogynist, Gay-Hating Bigots

fareed zakaria trump voters stupid

If you were wondering what’s happening lately with the “very fake news” outlet CNN (also known as Clinton News Network), well, the answer is business as usual. Apparently, CNN has learned absolutely nothing during the latest election cycle and is currently working hard to win the hearts and minds of working class Americans. And they’re doing that how, you may ask? Well, read the title: by insulting them on an almost daily basis.

On Monday, it was CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s turn to take a cheap shot at President Trump’s fan base, by calling them all the names in the political correct book, because calling people names instead of presenting them with well thought arguments will somehow change their minds. Not. So, Fareed Zakaria has claimed that Trump voters are nothing more than stupid and racist rednecks, gay hating bigots, misogynists and the whole nine yards. This is a little bit rich coming from a well known plagiarizer who looks like a vampire, but let that go.

Fareed Zakaria went on bashing Trump supporters on Wolf Blitzer’s show on Monday, during a preview of his special “Why Trump Won”. As you can see, these guys still don’t get why “she” lost, blaming Hillary’s epic failure on uneducated and tribal Trump supporters. And of course, insulting Americans is a sure way to bring the Democrats back in power. When everything else fails, play the identity politics-race card, right? Here’s the exact quote:

The sense of cultural alienation that an older, white non-college educated Americans have. The sense that the country is changing because of immigrants, because maybe blacks are rising up to a central place in society, because of gays being afforded equal rights, because of frankly a lot of working women…

Sadly, Fareed forgot to mention the now-famous bucket of deplorables. Here at we totally love that one, because after all it’s said and done, that fortunate expression brought Trump in the White House.

I also love the way liberals always tout “those who did not go to college”. Well, what exactly does that mean, that we missed the indoctrination, or that we’re somehow dumber than the little social-justice-warriors living with their parents, who sit in those meaningless classes (gender studies/black studies/etc) and soak up their professor’s leftist ideology while drowning in debt (read student loans)?