This is MSNBC: ‘Trump is Half a Rally Away from Calling People the N-Word’ (VIDEO)

Trump is Half a Rally Away from Calling People the N-Word (VIDEO)

Proving once again that the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is still alive and kicking in the drive-by leftist media’s echo chambers, an MSNBC panelist compared President Trump to a slave owner and claimed that his rhetoric is so extreme, he’s just one step away from calling people the N-word during his rallies. As usual, when nothing else works, the left calls its opponents to be racist and/or bigots, because they don’t have arguments. The hero of our story is Jason Johnson, a black guy by the way, and he appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball show on Monday.

A very unhinged hard left political editor has said that the POTUS was “half a rally away from just using the ‘N-word.”:

It seems like Johnson was very upset by the POTUS calling auntie Maxine Waters a “very low IQ” individual. Here’s the quote:

“He is half a rally away from just using the ‘N-word.’ It’s that basic. He is half a rally away from just calling somebody the ‘N-word’ and then everyone is going to pretend that they’re shocked.”

Speaking of the conflict between Maxine “impeach 45” Waters and Donald Trump, Johnson claimed that the latter “has a hostility and anger towards women of color.” Obviously, like, doh! He hates women, especially black women and all that. It’s well known. These guys are so deranged…


So when you can’t complain about someone saying whatever word deemed to be politically incorrect in the current year (never mind black rappers who use the N word 10 times in a sentence), next you complain about someone who might say the word.

The left has literally destroyed black people’s brains. As a fun factoid, no one has ever claimed to have heard President Trump use that word. Meanwhile, there are numerous witnesses to Hillary Clinton saying it. But, as always,they don’t care about reality.