Thousands of Anti-Trumpers expected to Hit the Streets for May Day Protests

may day

In what seems to be a never-ending story, the anti-Trump crowd which according to mainstream media reports is in the hundreds of thousands is expected to hit the streets for May Day protests. Obviously, the demonstrators will be fighting tooth and nail President Trump’s policies across the United States.

As a quick reminder, so you’ll understand what we’re dealing with here, May 1st is the quintessential communist celebration, also known as International Workers Day. Basically, on May Day the communists/socialists/democrats or whatchamacallit will gather in the streets of America for protesting capitalism and the will of the American people, because after all is said and done, Mr. Trump won the election fair and square in an Electoral College landslide, there’s no way around this fact.

The anti Trumpers will allegedly protest against Donald Trump’s policies regarding immigrant rights and to raise LGBT awareness or something along these lines.

As far as I know, the only requirement for an immigrant is to be a legal immigrant, then he/she has rights. Illegal immigrants have no rights, except maybe in the parallel universe where amnesty is a way of life and she is your president.

The protests are organized by the usual suspects, i.e. various groups led by professional agitators with nothing better to do than to stir the already troubled waters of American public life. “Protesting the policies of President Trump” seems to be like a full-time job for some people. Maybe it is…

President Trump has released an official statement on Friday declaring May Day as being “loyalty day”, as a way to emphasizing his loyalty to the principles upon which the United States were built.

It’s almost a certainty at this point that Communist Party USA and their BAMN and Antifa thugs will be using May Day as an excuse to riot.

I hope ICE has vans and arresting personnel all along the parade routes!!