Three CNN Staffers Resign Over Botched Russia Fake-News Story

cnn fake news

The very fake news outlet CNN is in hot water following the mega-flop from a few days ago, when they were forced to retract a fake-news story, a so-called bombshell regarding the made-up Russia – Trump collusion. The whole shebang was based on deception, misinformation and made-up stuff based on non existent anonymous sources in good CNN /MSM tradition. Like most corporate-fake news media hit pieces on the Russia-Trump topic, the CNN article boasted a salacious title, i.e. Congress was investigating a Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials.

Now we just got word that three CNN staffers involved in the snafu offered their resignations (or they were pushed to quit their jobs, whatever the corporate parlance) over the aforementioned fake story on Russia collusion and that little piece of news just made a curmudgeon’s hurt to burst with joy.


The crux of the matter is that CNN announced on Monday that 3 network officials are, let me quote, “leaving their jobs” over the respective fake-news incident, a move that marks a new era in the network’s policy with regard to journalistic integrity, or at least that’s what we’re hoping for their own good. The 3 staffers are the reporter on the story (Frank), the editor (Eric Lichtblau) and the executive editor of CNN’s investigative team Lex Haris.

The resignations/firings occurred after the network performed an internal investigation which ended up showing that the procedures (as in editorial checks and balances) were not followed. Obviously, this is not the first (nor the last, I can bet) time when Clinton News Network also known as CNN was caught red-handed pushing fake news, hence its Hillary related moniker.

The problem with CNN, MSNBC et al is they are so blatantly partisan at this point that I do not believe they have much choice with Trump in the White House. They simply have no idea how to deal with him as he actually has a spine and will fight back tooth and Twitter against the biased liberal press.