Three Injured in Germany After Man ‘deliberately drove car at pedestrians’

UPDATE: One of the pedestrians hit by the car, 73-year-old man has died of his injuries

A new attack took place earlier on Saturday in Heidelberg Germany, leaving three pedestrians injured, one of them in critical condition. An unidentified man deliberately drove his car at pedestrians in a German city before getting shot by police.

The driver tried to flee the scene carrying a knife but he was shot by cops and rushed to a local hospital.

The car was a rental with Hamburg licence plates and according to witnesses, the driver deliberately crushed it into 3 pedestrians in the city of Heidelberg.

Photographs taken at the scene of the attack show the rented car sitting outside a bakery. As usual and defying any logic, the police has said that they do not believe terrorism was the motive, despite the fact they did not know anything at the time, the car was a rental, the suspect confronted security forces with a knife and so on and so forth.

Also, the local media did not release the suspect’s name, though they claim that his motive remains unclear and also they speculate, as usual, that the suspect was mentally disturbed.

However, this would not be the first time when Islamic terrorists were using vehicles for attacking people, as it happened before in France and in Germany.

Police were very quick to declare that they do not believe terror was the motive, yet this is common procedure in Germany when it comes to attacks perpetrated by Muslim immigrants, as both police and the mainstream media are required to  keep it very hush-hush, for protecting chancellor’s Merkel’s open borders policy.

The cops chased down the unidentified suspect after his rented car with Hamburg licence plates ran over three people in front of a Heidelberg bakery in Bismarckplatz at around 4 PM local time.

In this video you can see the moments when the police drew their guns in a dramatic standoff with the suspect who ended up shot and taken to a local hospital.

Source: The Sun

  • Gigi Phenomenon

    ISIS could hold a press conference, announce they’ll be terrorizing (fill in city) at a precise time, show up by the truckload at the appointed hour, commit unspeakable mayhem while yelling “Allahu akbar!” and the next day’s headlines would be “Terror Not Suspected.” Pure insanity!

  • Gigi Phenomenon

    A mentally disturbed man deliberately drove his rental car into a crowd and hit three people, but it wasn’t attempted homicide. No. Those people were standing in his parking space in front of that bakery, which is why he immediately fled his vehicle, knife in hand. A cake somewhere in that bakery needed cutting STAT. The man had no intention of going on a stabbing spree after driving into those people and failing to kill a single one. By the way, we omitted the man’s name because it is not Mohammad or some variation thereof. We also omitted his nationality because he does not originate from a Muslim nation. Also, “mentally disturbed” means that we will find him incompetent to stand trial, and therefore, he couldn’t possibly comprehend the meaning of jihad or Islamic terrorism. He will not be held responsible for his actions. You will… for not welcoming him with open arms while he was aiming for you.