Three White House Leakers Identified So Far, Expected to be Fired Soon

trump leaks

According to various reports, at least 3 White House/anti-Trump leakers have been identified so far and they’re expected to be fired as soon as President Trump gets back from his first foreign trip. The alleged leakers have also been referred to proper authorities, which is very interesting to say the least, meaning that they’ve committed felonies which are punishable by jail time.

CBS News reported earlier this week that according to 2 distinct sources, 3 White House leakers of classified intel have been identified. White House officials believe that President Trump’s leaked conversations with Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign ministry, were deliberately released by Barack Obama holdovers in the administration in their desperate attempt  at sabotaging Trump’s presidency.

In addition to the CBS report, we also have Trey Yingst, a White House correspondent and the boss of One America News Network, who twitted last week about the POTUS return to the White House followed by multiple people fired for carelessly leaking classified intel to politically hurt the President:



The big question is why there are holdovers from the former administration in the White House anyway? And you can bet your last dime there are more than three – and John Brennan should be added to that list. He made sure the fake dossier made it into the MSM. Michael Morell is another.

Trump should have fired EVERYONE down to the toilet washers.

Photo: Reuters